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Amorphophallus titanum (Becc.) Becc. ex Arcang.


Geographic distribution: Sumatra.

The seedlings of A.titanum shown here were grown from the seed distributed by J. Symon in the end of 1994.

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After about 8 months since sprouting, this is one of the less vigorous plants.
This is a 12-months old tuber, an inch and a half across, and just about breaking its first dormancy in the spring of 1996. Actually, I am not sure if it really ever went dormant; the photo shows it about 3 weeks after the petiole has keeled over; and a new one is already sprouting. It also kept some of its roots.
Top view of the same plant, some 20 months old. It spent last 5 months on the balcony, with the nighttime temperatures regularly dipping into high 50's (Fahrenheit). It might have spent some nights as low as maybe 48F. In general, the growth is rather stunted; it did not increase much in size.
The same plant, side view, showing all of its two feet of height.
And here is a closeup of the stem pattern.

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