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Sauromatum venosum


Fairly common in the nursery trade, Sauromatum is probably one of the hardest to kill and easiest to multiply aroids in existence.

The only serious threat to its well-being is low humidity and spider mites, to which it is singularly most susceptible. No other plant I've seen can develop serious infestation of spider mites as fast as Sauromatum can.

General habit of a mature plant.
Another vigorous specimen.
Closeup of the petiole patterning.
Sauromatum is quite phototropic. Here it is, stretching towards light, above a small, just as phototropic Amorphophallus bulbifer. The plant seen in lower right corner is an irrelevant rhododendron.
Another exampl of phototropism. This plant sits in slight shade, where none of the other plants seem to stretch towards light as much as the Sauromatum...
Sauromatum in bloom attracts many flying guests by its strong fragrance of fecal matter.

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