The First Flowering of an Amorphophallus titanum  (Becc.) Becc. ex Arcang. Grown From Seed Collected by Jim Symon

The first four photos, taken May 1, 1998, are of an inflorescence of Amorphophallus titanum, grown from wild-collected seed discovered by Jim Symon. The seed was planted in February, 1995, and grown in the University of Missouri-St.Louis greenhouse by Kathy Upton. The next four photos show the inflorescence progressively opening.

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Photo 1: 

A. titanum (note measuring stick is resting on the floor). 

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Photo 2: 

A. titanum closeup of inflorescence. 

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Photo 3: 

A. titanum closeup of peduncle. 

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Photo 4: 

A. titanum, in 4 gallon (15 litre) pot. 

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Photo 5: 

8:40pm, May 2, 1998; spathe starting to open, slight odor, a few glistening droplets present inside spathe, height is 21 inches (54 cm) from top of soil. 

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Photo 6: 

10:40 PM May 2, 1998 overpowering scent of a rotting animal whose corpse is laying in a pan of pickled, cooked cabbage (sour kraut). 

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Photo 7: 

Another view at 10:40 pm, many droplets inside the spathe. 

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Photo 8: 

2 AM, May 3, 1998, spathe is more open, the scent is still the same. 


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