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Arisaema Sources

Mail order policies vary, so inquire first. Tell them the Arisaema Page sent you...
Revised 2/20/99.

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  • Jacques Amand, Ltd., (Bulb Specialist), Clamp Hill, Stanmore, Middlesex HA7 3JS , England, Tel: (0181) 954 8138, Fax: (0181) 954 6784, US Tel: 1-800-452-5414
    Extensive catalog.

  • Appalachian Wildflower Nursery, Don Hackenberry, Route 1, Box 275A, Reedsville, PA 17084, Tel: 717-667-6998
    Arisaema dracontium, heterophyllum, and triphyllum (in various forms)

  • Arrowhead Alpines, PO Box 857, Fowlerville, MI 48836
    Arisaema flavum and tortuosum.

  • Asiatica, PO Box , Lewisberry, PA. E-mail: Asiatica@EZONLINE.COM (Barry Yinger, Andy Wong)
    Arisaemas imported from Japan, including heterocephalum, heterophyllum, iyoanum ssp nakaianum, kiushianum, maximowiczii, minamitanii, ringens, ringens f. glaucescens, sazensoo, sazensoo albino form, serratum, serratum silver-marked leaf, sikokianum, tashiroi, ternatipartitum , thunbergii, thunbergii ssp urashima , tosaense, yamatense.

  • B & T World Seeds, Route des Marchandes, Paguignan, 34210 Olonzac, France
    E-Mail: (Mathew Sleigh)

  • De Bloemenhoek, Herman van Beusekom, Utrechtseweg 275,NL- 3732 HA De Bilt,Phone: ++ 31 30 2203451, Fax: ++ 31 30 2202615. (Sorry, no mail order)
    Good selection of arisaemas, plus many alpine specialties.

  • Cambridge Bulbs, Norman Stevens, 40 Whittlesford Road, Newton, Cambridge CB2 5PH, England
    Mostly Arums

  • Paul Christian, P.O.Box 468, WREXHAM, LL13 9EP, United Kingdom. Tel & Fax: (+44) 01978 366399.
    E-Mail: (Yes, he does mail order)
    Great selection of rare arisaemas, and a very interesting web page.

  • Collector's Nursery, Diana Reeck, 16804 NE 102nd Ave., Battle Ground, WA 98604, E-mail:

  • Crüg Farm Plants (Proprietors: Bleddyn & Sue Wynn-Jones), Griffith's Crossing, nr Caernarfon, Gwynedd LL55 1TU, Wales, Tel & Fax: (01248) 670232, E-mail: bleddyn& (Alas, no mail order)
    Many unusual arisaemas from worldwide collecting expeditions, including A. amurense BSWJ947 , amurense , angustatum var. peninsulae BSWJ841 , candidissimum , ciliatum CT369 , concinnum , consanguineum , consanguineum BSWJ071 , costatum , dracontium , erubescens , exappendiculatum , flavum , formosana BSWJ280 , formosana f stenophyllum BSWJ1477 , galeatum , griffithii , heterophyllum BSWJ2028 , intermedium , jacquemontii BSWJ2719 , jacquemontii , jacquemontii var 1 , jacquemontii var 2 , kiushianum , nepenthoides , ochraceum , propinquum , ringens , ringens forma praecox BSWJ1515 , ringens forma sieboldii BSWJ551 , robustum BSWJ711 , sazensoo , serratum , sikokianum , speciosum , speciosum BSWJ2403 , speciosum var. mirabile BSWJ2712 , taiwanensis BSWJ269 , taiwanensis forma cinereus BSWJ1912 , taiwanensis var. brevipedunculatum BSWJ1859 , ternatipartitum , thunbergii v urashima , tortuosum , tortuosum BSWJ2386 , triphyllum , verrucosum v. utile.

  • Eco Gardens, P.O. Box 1227, Decatur, GA 30031
    Selection and availability varies.

    Offering many rare species like A. formosanum under various BSWJ collection numbers

  • Heronswood Nursery, 7530 238th Street NE, Kingston, WA 98346
    Many special arisaemas from the Far East

  • Holden Clough Nursery (Proprietor: Peter J. Foley), Holden Bolton-by-Bowland, nr Clitheroe, Lancs. BB7 4PF, England, Tel: (01200) 447615

  • Kaichen Greenhouse, Somewhere in China. Fax: 086-10-62645305.
    Wholesale exporter of Chinese plants. A few choice arisaemas, and a nice web page.

  • Plant Delights Nursery, Tony Avent, 9241 Sauls Road, Raleigh, NC 27603, E-mail:
    Arisaema flavum, heterophyllum, iyoanum, kiushianum, ringens, ringens forma glaucescens, sazensoo, serratum, serratum Silver Center, sikokianum, ternatipartitum, thunbergii, thunbergii Silver Center, tosaense, triphyllum, urashima. Pinellias, too.

  • Potterton and Martin, Nettleton, Nr. Caistor, North Lincs. LN7 6HX, England, E-mail: pottin01@GLOBALNET.CO.UK
    Arisaema amurense, candidissimum, concinnum, consanguineum, draconitium, erubescens, flavum, galeatum, griffithii, intermedium, jacquemontii, nepenthoides, propinquum, sikokianum, speciosum, tortuosum, triphyllum, utile. Pinellias, too.

  • Red's Rhodies,15920 SW Oberst Lane, Sherwood, OR 97140 - list $1?
    Arisaema concinnum, costatum, flavum, griffithii, intermedium, nepenthoides, speciosum, tortuosum, and verrucosum

  • Reflective Gardens, 24329 NE Snow Hill Lane, Poulsbo, Washington 98370. Phone 360-598-4649. Nursery open by appointment only.
    Arisaemas, arums, pinellias.

  • Roslyn Nursery, 211 Burrs Lane, Dix Hills, NY 11746
    Arisaema dracontium, triphyllum, heterophyllum, sikokianum.

  • The Seed Guild, Duncan McDougall,

  • Ellen Hornig, 3712 Co. Rte. 57, Oswego, NY 13126, E-mail: Arisaema amurense, candidissimum, dracontium, erubescens, flavum, franchetianum, jacquemontii, sikokianum, speciosum, taiwanense, triphyllum, t. stewardsonii, and others. Pinellias, too.

  • Shady Oaks Nursery, 112 10th Avenue SE, Waseca, MN 56093
    Arisaema dracontium and triphyllum.

  • Siskiyou Rare Plant Nursery, 2825 Cummings Road, Medford, OR 97501
    Selection varies; fall delivery only.

  • Madan Tamang, 4 Dr. Zakir Hussain Road, Darjeeling 734 101, West Bengal, India, Tel: (0354) 2698
    A new nursery that opened in 1995. Also organizes treks and travels in this area (Darjeeling, E Nepal, Sikkim)