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Arisaema speciosum (Wall) Martius in Schott

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Arisaema speciosum
Arisaema speciosum
Arisaema speciosumgrowing in a garden in New Zealand.
(Photo: Eric Walton) 
Mass planting of Arisaema speciosum growing in a garden in New Zealand.
(Photo: Eric Walton)
Arisaema speciosum mirabile
Note the rugose spadix appendage of Arisaema speciosum var. mirabilein a garden in Belgium.
(Photo: Guy Gusman) 
Arisaema speciosum growing in the wild in the Himalayas (Sikkim).
(Photo: Oleg Polunin)
Seed that yielded this plant was collected as A. speciosum var. mirabile in Bhutan in 1990. It seems to lack the rugose charactistics of the plant above. This plant is growing in western Scotland.
(Photo: Ann Chambers.)