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Pinellia cordata
Without a doubt, the cutest of the hardy aroids. Diminutive stature, nicely patterned leaves, and the inflorescence has a nice fragrance to boot. Sort of a bubble gum fruity smell, quite pleasant.

The clone pictured below is tentatively named P. cordata 'Yamazaki', in honor of its originator in Japan. It is much larger than the regular species, with better patterned leaves.

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Arisaema wrayii
Pinellia cordata leaf and inflorescence.
Pinellia cordata, in pots.
Pinellia cordata is very, very reluctant to set seed in cultivation. Out of hundreds of flowers that have appeared in my own garden, this is the first that produced what looked to be viable seed (in 1998). They were allowed to drop in the pot, and we'll see if they germinate in 1999.