8. Epipremnum silvaticum Alderw.
Epipremnum silvaticum Alderw., Bull. Jard. Bot. Buitenzorg III, 1 (1920) 377. -- Type: Indonesia, Sumatra, Lubuk Pakam (Loeboeq Pakam), 26 Oct. 1914, Lörzing 3295 (BO holo).

Slender root-climber to 6 m. Adult plant with stem 5--10 mm diam., internodes 0.5--2 cm long, separated by somewhat prominent leaf scars. Cataphylls and prophylls soon drying and falling. Petiole 3--6 cm x 2--4 mm, canaliculate; apical geniculum c. 10 x 3 mm, basal geniculum c. 10 x 4 mm; petiolar sheath extending to the base of the leaf lamina, sub-membranaceous, soon drying and falling. Lamina 10--18 x 3.5--6 cm, entire, unequal-oblanceolate, sub-coriaceous, apex shortly acuminate, base unequal-subacute, air-drying strongly discolorous, adaxial surface deep black-brown, abaxial surface pale brown; primary lateral veins simple, c. 10 per side, c. 2 cm distant, diverging from midrib at 40°, interprimary veins remaining sub-parallel to primary vein; midrib impressed above, rather prominently raised beneath, lower order venation slightly impressed to almost flush above, variously raised beneath, higher order venation flush above, flush or nearly so beneath in fresh material but raised and rather conspicuous in dried specimens. Inflorescence solitary (always?). Peduncle c. 1 cm, slender, terete. Spathe unknown. Spadix 17.5 x 5--7.5 mm (broken), almost sessile, obtuse-clavate-cylindrical. Flowers 4--8 mm diam.; stamens not observed; ovary 7--12 x 3--8 mm, truncate-obovoid, basal part laterally compressed; ovules 3--7; stylar region 2--4--x 2--8 mm, trapezoid, apex flattened; stigma linear, 2--6 x 0.1--0.5 mm, longitudinal. Seeds c. 4 x 3 mm.

Distribution - Indonesia (Sumatra). Known only from the type.

Habitat - Swampy forest. 20 m.