The Genus Gorgonidium

by Wilbert Hetterscheid (heavily leaning on Goncalves' data, publications and pers. comm.)

With the recent studies by Eduardo Goncalves on the taxonomy of the Spathicarpeae finished, we now have a reliable list of species to present here. Recommended recent literature:

Bogner, J., & D.H. Nicolson. 1988. Revision of the South American genus Gorgonidium Schott (Araceae: Spathicarpeae). Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 109(4): 529 - 554.

Goncalves, E.G. 2002. PhD thesis on a full scale revision of the tribe Spathicarpeae (in Portuguese but to be translated into English).

The list below will soon be expanded with the arrival of T. cardenasianum.

Asterostigma vermicidum (Speg.) Hauman & Vanderveken = G. vermicidum

Asterostigma lorentzianum Engl. = G. vermicidum

Asterostigma fabrisii Crisci = G. vermicidum

G. bulbostylum Bogn. & E.G. Goncalves

G. intermedium (Bogner) E.G. GonÁ.

G. mirabile Schott

G. striatum Hett., P.L. Ibisch & E.G. Gonc. (in press)

G. vargasii Bogn. & Nicolson

G. vermicidum (Speg.) Bogn. & Nicolson

Staurostigma vermicidum Speg. = G. vermicidum


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