The Genus Schismatoglottis


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  Selected Schismatoglottis Species


Schismatoglottis ahmadii A. Hay

Schismatoglottis asperata Engl.

Schismatoglottis bauensis A. Hay & C.C. Lee

Schismatoglottis calyptrata Zoll. & Mor.

Schismatoglottis ciliata A.Hay

Schismatoglottis colocasioidea M. Hotta

Schismatoglottis convolvula P.C. Boyce

Schismatoglottis convolvuli P.C.Boyce

Schismatoglottis corneri A. Hay

Schismatoglottis erecta M. Hotta

Schismatoglottis ferruginea Merr.

Schismatoglottis gamoandra M. Hotta

Schismatoglottis jipomii P.C.Boyce & S.Y.Wong

Schismatoglottis mayoana Bogner & M.Hotta

Schismatoglottis mira

Schismatoglottis monoplacenta M. Hotta

Schismatoglottis motleyana (Schott) Engl.

Schismatoglottis multiflora Ridl.

Schismatoglottis multinervia M. Hotta

Schismatoglottis muluensis M. Hotta

Schismatoglottis nervosa Ridl.

Schismatoglottis pseudohatchii

Schismatoglottis pyrrhias A. Hay

Schismatoglottis scortechinii Hook.f.

Schismatoglottis tecturata (Schott) Engl.

Schismatoglottis viridissima A.Hay

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