The Genus Spathantheum

by Wilbert Hetterscheid

The genus Spathantheum is a member of the tribe Spathicarpeae, presently revised by Eduardo Goncalves. It presently contains two species.

The "true" Spathantheum species cannot be said to be striking but then again, beauty is in etc. etc.

Relevant recent literature on this genus is:

Bogner, J. 1997. New taxa of Araceae. Sendtnera 4: 5 - 12.

Hetterscheid, W.L.A.., P.L. Ibisch & E.G. Goncalves (2003). Two new species of Araceae tribe Spathicarpeae from Bolivia. Brittonia (in press)

Gamochlamys heterandra Baker = S. orbignyanum

Spathantheum fallax Hett., P.L. Ibisch & E.G. Gonc. (in press)

Spathantheum heterandrum (Baker) N.E. Br. = S. orbignyanum

Spathantheum intermedium Bogn. = Gorgonidium intermedium)

Spathantheum orbignyanum Schott


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