The Genus Stenospermation
  by Thomas Mottl

Gen. Aroid. t.70 (1858). Lectotype S. mathewsii Schott Gen. Aroid. t.70 (1858)

Epiphytic, hemiepiphytic or terrestrial herbs with many trichosclereids. When epiphytic or terrestrial stem erect when hemiepiphytic than stem climbing, often elongated. Leaves showing high variability in form and size often on the same plant. Long sheated petioles with apically geniculate. Blades often coriaceous oblong-elliptic or lanceolate, venation obscured, striate, lateral veins subequal. Peduncle solitary, elongate with striate venation; at apex geniculate, attendant by a leaf with petiole sheeted. Spathe and spadix erect, often nodding. Spathe convolute mostly white, at anthesis inflated but scarcely opening, cadescent. Spadix always shorter than spathe stipitate sometimes sessile, subcylindric whitish or becoming green. Flowers hermaphrodite, perianth absent, 4 free stamen, the filaments flat, oblong connective slender; anthers apical , dehsicent by longitudinal slits. Pistils truncate ovary (1)-2 locular, ovules 4 - 30 anatropous, at base of locule fixed in 2 rows; pistil stylar; stigma elliptic to punctiform, berries truncate, dull yellow, orange, 3 many seeded; seeds clavate-cylindric.

The Genus was first described by Schott in 1858. Engler and Sodiro described many species in the early 20th century. 1983 Perrez de Gomez revised the Central American species. For the South American species is no newer work known. The species ranges from Central America to Bolivia and the north of Argentina and in the Amazonia and Atlantic region of Brazil.

The genus Stenospermation is placed in Subfamily Monsteroideae Engler tribe Monsterae Engler.

All description are from Engler, Krause Araceae-Monsteroideae in Das Pflanzenreich IV. 23B p. 81-90



Engler, Krause Araceae-Monsteroideae in Das Pflanzenreich IV. 23B p. 81-90,1908
( By clicking on the link you can download it as a pdf file (700kb) ; you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 to open it)

Mayo, Bogner, Boyce, The Genera of Araceae 1998

Steyermark et. al. Flora of the Venezuelean Guayana Vol. II




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  Species of Stenospermation



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  Selected Stenospermation Species


Stenospermation angustifolium Hemsl.

Stenospermation marantifolium Hemsl.

Stenospermation multiovulatum (Engl.) N: E: Brown in Gar. Chron. ser. 3 XV. 1. 1

Stenospermation popayanense Schott

Stenospermation sessile Engl.

Stenospermation sodiroanum Engl.

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