Aroid Hardiness List

We are updating our list of temperate aroid hardiness. Below is our July 2001 updated list. We are interested recording actual temperatures (without snow cover) and the location in which these temperatures were experienced. The list is updated annually and submitted to this Web site for posting. We would also like to receive any notes about plant cold survival so feel free to share them with us as well.

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Acorus - 2 spp. (formerly Araceae)
Acorus calamus (Zone 3)
Acorus gramineus (Zone 5)

Alocasia - 70 spp.
Alocasia cucullata (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 10F
Alocasia mexicana (Zone 8b Gainesville, FL)
Alocasia micholitziana (Zone 8b Gainesville, FL)
Alocasia sinuata (Zone 6, Louisville, KY) 1F
Alocasia odora (sold as A. macrorrhizos; Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 2F
Alocasia odora 'California' (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC)10F
Alocasia wentii (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 9F
Alocasia 'Hilo Beauty' (Zone 9)
Alocasia 'Portora' (Zone 8b)

Amorphophallus - 170 spp.
Amorphophallus albus (Zone 6, Louisville, KY) 1F
Amorphophallus bulbifer (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 2F
Amorphophallus konjac (Zone 5b Kansas City and St. Louis, MO) -15F
Amorphophallus kiusianus (Zone 7a MD) 0F
Amorphophallus napalensis (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC)0F
Amorphophallus odoratus (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 10F
Amorphophallus paeoniifolius (Zone 7 Greensboro, NC) 2F
Amorphophallus yunnanensis (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 9F

Anchomanes - 7 spp.

Arisaema - 170 spp.
Arisaema amurense (Zone 4b Ithaca, NY) -15F
Arisaema candidissimum (Zone 4b Ithaca, NY) -20F
Arisaema caudatum (Zone 8b Hamilton, NZ) 15F
Arisaema ciliatum (Zone 5a Toronto, CA) -20F
Arisaema concinnum (Zone 6, Springdale, AK) -10F
Arisaema consanguineum (Zone 4b Ithaca, NY) -20F
Arisaema costatum (Zone 7-9 RI) 0F
Arisaema dilitatum ?
Arisaema dracontium (Zone 4a, Canada) -40F
Arisaema ehimense (Zone 6 Lewisberry, PA)
Arisaema elephas ?
Arisaema engleri (Zone 7b, Raleigh NC) 10F
Arisaema erubescens (Zone 8b Hamilton, NZ) 15F
Arisaema exappendiculatum (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 0F
Arisaema fargesii (Zone 5b Traverse City, MI) -15F
Arisaema flavum (Zone 4b Ithaca, NY) -20F
Arisaema formosanum ?
Arisaema franchetianum (Zone 4b Ithaca, NY) -15F
Arisaema fraternum (Zone 7 Wrexham, ENG) 5F
Arisaema galeatum (Zone 5a, Ames IA)
Arisaema griffithii (Zone 5b Traverse City, MI) 0F
Arisaema hachijoense (Zone 5 Lewisberry, PA)
Arisaema helleborifolium (Zone 7b Wrexham, ENG) 10F
Arisaema heterocephalum Zone 8?
Arisaema heterophyllum (Zone 4b Ithaca, NY) -25F
Arisaema intermedium (Zone 5a Ames, IA)
Arisaema iyoanum (Zone 5 Lewisberry, PA)
Arisaema jacquemontii (Zone 5b North Reading, MA) -20F
Arisaema japonica (syn: serratum) (Zone 5 Northboro, MA) -20F
Arisaema kishidae (Zone 5 Lewisberry, PA)
Arisaema kelung-insularis (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 10F
Arisaema kiushianum (Zone 5b Traverse City, MI) -10F
Arisaema lobatum (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 10F
Arisaema macrospathum (Zone 7 RI) 0F
Arisaema maximowiczii (Zone 5b Traverse City, MI)
Arisaema negishii (Zone 6 Lewisberry, PA)
Arisaema nepenthoides (Zone 5a Ames, IA)
Arisaema ochraceum (Zone 7-9 RI) 0F
Arisaema peninsulae (Zone 4b Ithaca, NY)-10F
Arisaema propinquum (Zone 5a, Ames, IA)
Arisaema ringens (Zone 4b Ithaca, NY) -25F
Arisaema ringens forma glaucescens (Zone 6 Lewisberry, PA)
Arisaema robustum (Zone 6 York, PA) -15F
Arisaema saxatile (Zone 6 York, PA) -15F
Arisaema sazensoo (Zone 5b Traverse City, MI)0F
Arisaema serratum (Zone 4b Ithaca, NY) -15F
Arisaema sikokianum (Zone 3b Minneapolis, MN) -35F
Arisaema sikokianum x takedae (Zone 6b Washington DC) -5F
Arisaema speciosum (Zone 7 RI) 0F
Arisaema taiwanense (Zone 4b Ithaca, NY)0F
Arisaema takadae (Zone 5 Lewisberry, PA)
Arisaema tashiroi (Zone 5a Ames, IA)
Arisaema ternatipartitum (Zone 6b)
Arisaema thunbergii (Zone 5-9? Northboro, MA) -10F
Arisaema thunbergii ssp. urashima (Zone 4b, Ithaca NY) -25F
Arisaema tosaense (Zone 5 Lewisberry, PA)
Arisaema tortuosum (Zone 4b Ithaca, NY) -10F
Arisaema triphyllum (Zone 3 Canada) -40F
Arisaema triphyllum ssp. stewardsonii (Zone 4, Canada) -40F
Arisaema verrucosum (Zone 7-9?)
Arisaema wattii (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 10F
Arisaema yamatense (Zone 5 Lewisberry, PA) 0F
Arisaema yunnanense (Zone 7 RI) 0F

Arisarum - 3 spp.
Arisarum proboscideum (Zone 4b Ithaca, NY) -15F
Arisarum simmorhinum (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 0F
Arisarum vulgare (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 0F

Arum - 25 spp.
Arum byzantinum (Zone 5b Kansas City, MO) -15F
Arum concinnatum (Zone 6 Springdale, AR) 5F
Arum conphalloides (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 0F
Arum creticum (Zone 7 RI) 0F
Arum cyrenaicum (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 10F
Arum dioscoridis (Zone 5b Kansas City, MO) -10F
Arum dioscoridis cyprium (Zone 8 London, ENG) 20F
Arum elongatum (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 9F
Arum idaeum (Zone 8 London, ENG) 20F
Arum italicum (Zone 4b Ithaca, NY) -25F
Arum italicum x maculatum (Zone 4b Ithaca, NY) -25F
Arum maculatum (Zone 4b, Ithaca, NY) -25F
Arum nickelii ?
Arum orientale (Zone 5b, Kansas City, MO) -20F
Arum orientale ssp. sintensii (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 0F
Arum palaestinum (Zone 5, Toronto, CA) -20F
Arum pictum (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 9F
Arum purpureospathum (Zone 4b Ithaca, NY) -10F
Arum rupicola ssp. rupicola (Zone 8 London, ENG) 20F
Arum rupicola ssp. virescens (Zone 7 Falls Church, VA) 0F

Biarum - 22 spp.
Biarum arundanum (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC)9F
Biarum davisii (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 3F
Biarum tenuifolium (Zone 5b Kansas City, MO) -10F

Caladium - 12 spp.
Caladium mexicanum (zone 8 Gainesville, FL)

Calla - 1 sp.
Calla palustris (Zone 4b Wisconsin) -30F

Chlorospatha - 16 spp.

Colocasia - 8 spp.
Colocasia affinis 'Jenningsii' (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 0F
Colocasia esculenta 'Antiquorum Illustris' (Zone 7 Louisville, KY) -9F
Colocasia esculenta (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 2F
Colocasia esculenta var. aequitalis (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 0F
Colocasia esculenta 'Black Magic' (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 0F
Colocasia esculenta 'Burgundy Stem' (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 9F
Colocasia esculenta 'Chicago Harlequin' (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 9F
Colocasia esculenta 'Fontanesii' (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 2F
Colocasia esculenta 'Ruffles' (Zone 7 Anniston, AL) 0F
Colocasia fallax (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 9F
Colocasia gaoligongshaensis (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 9F
Colocasia gigantea (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 9F

Dracontium - 23 spp.
Dracontium amazonense - Melbourne, FL (zone 9a) 30F

Dracunculus - 2 spp.
Dracunculus canariensis ?
Dracunculus vulgaris (Zone 5b St. Louis, MO, Springdale AR)-15F

Eminium - 8 spp.
Eminium lehmanii (Zone 7a Falls Church, VA) 0F
Eminium spiculatum (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 3F

Gonotopis - 5 spp.
Gonatopis boivinii (Zone 9 New Orleans, LA)

Helicodiceros - 1 spp.
Helicodiceros muscivorus (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 0F

Lysichiton - 2 spp.
Lysichiton americanus (Zone 4b Ithaca, NY) 0F
Lysichiton camtschatcensis (Zone 5a Ames, IA) 0F

Orontium - 1 spp.
Orontium aquaticum (Zone 5b St. Louis, MO) -10F

Peltandra - 2 spp.
Peltandra sagittifolia (Zone 7 RHS)
Peltandra virginica (Zone 5b, St. Louis, MO) -15F

Philodendron - >500 spp.
Philodendron selloum (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 2F

Pinellia - 6 spp.
Pinellia cordata (Zone 4b Ithaca, NY) -10F
Pinellia integrifolia (?)
Pinellia pedatisecta (Zone 4b Ithaca, NY) -10F
Pinellia ternata (Zone 4b Ithaca, NY) -10F
Pinellia tripartita (Zone 4b Ithaca, NY) -25F
Pinellia tripartita 'Atropurpurea' (Zone 4b, Ithaca, NY) -25F
Pinellia 'Poly Spout' (Zone 4b Ithaca, NY) -10F

Pseudodracontium - 7 spp.

Remusatia - 4 spp.
Remusatia pumila (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 9F
Remusatia vivipara (Zone 7b Raleigh, NC) 9F

Sauromatum - 2 spp.
see Typhonium

Symplocarpus - 3 spp.
Symplocarpus foetidus (Zone 4a Long Prairie, WI)-25F<

Synandrospadix - 1 sp.
Synandrospadix veritoxicus - ?

Typhonium - 37 spp.
Typhonium divaricatum (syn: roxburghii) (Zone 7b) Raleigh, NC 9F
Typhonium giganteum (Zone 5b Kansas City, MO) -15F
Typhonium venosum (Zone 5b Springdale, AR) -15F

Xanthosoma - 57 spp.
Xanthosoma atrovirens (Zone 8 Baton Rouge, LA)
Xanthosoma sagittifolium (Zone 8, 10F)

Zamioculcas - 1 sp.
Zamioculcas zamiifolia (Zone 9 New Orleans, LA)

Zantedeschia - 8 spp.
Zantedeschia aethiopica and cvs.(Zone 7a Raleigh, NC) 0F
Zantedeschia albomaculata (Zone 5b Kansas City, MO) -10F
Zantedeschia elliottiana (Zone 7a Raleigh, NC)9F
Zantedeschia pentlandii (Zone 7a Raleigh, NC) 9F
Zantedeschia rehmannii (Zone 6 Springdale, AR) 5F
Zantedeschia 'Black Eyed Beauty' (Zone 7a Raleigh, NC)
Zantedeschia 'Cameo' (Zone 7a Raleigh, NC)
Zantedeschia 'Flame' (Zone 6 Springdale, AR) 5F
Zantedeschia 'Crystal Blush' (Zone 7a Raleigh, NC)
Zantedeschia 'Crystal Glow' (Zone 7a Raleigh, NC)
Zantedeschia 'Galaxy' (Zone 7a Raleigh, NC)
Zantedeschia 'Hybrid Yellow' (Zone 7a Raleigh, NC)
Zantedeschia 'Midnight Eclipse' (Zone 7a Raleigh, NC)
Zantedeschia 'Pink Pacific' (Zone 7a Raleigh, NC)
Zantedeschia 'Pink Persuasion' (Zone 7a Raleigh, NC)
Zantedeschia 'Pot of Gold' (Zone 7a Raleigh, NC)

USDA Hardiness Zones system: This system divides the United States into "Zones" based on average minimum winter temperatures. The zones and temperature averages are:

Zone Temperature C Temperature F
1 -45.6 and below below -50
2a -42.8 to -45.5 -45 to -50
2b -40.0 to -42.7 -40 to -45
3a -37.3 to -40.0 -35 to -40
3b -34.5 to -37.2 -30 to -35
4a -31.7 to -34.4 -25 to -30
4b -28.9 to -31.6 -20 to -25
5a -26.2 to -28.8 -15 to -20
5b -23.4 to -26.1 -10 to -15
6a -26.0 to -23.3 - 5 to -10
6b -17.7 to -20.5 0 to - 5
7a -15.0 to -17.7 5 to 0
7b -12.3 to -15.0 10 to 5
8a - 9.5 to -12.2 15 to 10
8b - 6.7 to - 9.4 20 to 15
9a - 3.9 to - 6.6 25 to 20
9b - 1.2 to - 3.8 30 to 25
10a 1.6 to - 1.1 35 to 30
10b 4.4 to 1.7 40 to 35
11 4.5 and above 40 and above