Araceae of Peninsular Malaysia

by Mashhor Mansor, Peter C. Boyce, Ahmad Sofiman Othman & Baharuddin Sulaiman

This new book, published in September 2011, is distributed in the USA by the International Aroid Society. Completely illustrated in color, the 146 page book is available in either hard cover or soft cover and is sure to be the definitive work on Peninsular Malay Araceae for years to come.

Peter C. Boyce should be well known to Aroid fans as the author of the wildly popular The Genus Arum, now out of print, and a co-author of the even more popular and harder to find Genera of Araceae. This former editor of Aroideana, IAS Board Member, contributor to Aroid-L and prolific author of scientific papers on Southeast Asian Araceae has helped produce a stunning volume illustrating most of the 28 genera indigenous to this fascinating section of Southeast Asia.

The book contains keys to higher taxa as well as a historical review of Araceae research in Peninsular Malaysia. No aroider's library is complete without it, and only a very limited number have been imported for sale. Previous Aroid books have sold out in short order, and this will be no exception.

The book will be offered at the special price of $32.95 in hardcover or $27.95 in softcover plus shipping to IAS members only. The non-member price will be $7 more per volume. Not a member? Perhaps you would like to join the society and take advantage of our yearly journal, quarterly newsletters, online resources and many other benefits such as this one. Membership starts at $25/year.

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