The cover to The Amazing Aglaonema, Houseplant to the World.
What makes Aglaonema the world's best houseplants? Since the original species developed in rainforests where they were subject to six months of daily rain, followed by an equal number of months without rain, they naturally adapt to harsh and extreme environmental conditions. New hybrids produced from species collected in the jungles of rainforests are imbued with the same genetic adaptability; therefore, they harmonize with severe environmental conditions which exist in interiors. Epitomized, Aglaonema can hardly be killed with either too much loving care or gross inattentive neglect.

This fascinating new book on the Aglaonema has 140 pages of valuable information with over 200 spectacular color photographs. Most of the photographs vividly document the numerous new hybrid Aglaonema available throughout the world. Chapters cover Aglaonema horticulture, taxonomy, pests and diseases, and hybridizing in the USA, in Thailand, and in the Philippines. This is a book suited for everyone, from aroid enthusiasts, to taxonomists, and to nurserymen alike.

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