The Genus of Arisaema. A Monograph for Botanists and Nature Lovers by Guy and Liliane Gusman

Today, Arisaema have become increasingly popular and highly prized for their sculptural aspect and their intriguing inflorescences. This genus' fascination is also increased by a phenomenon, unique in Araceae: the change of sex that these plants undergo many times during their lifetime.

The book covers all frost-resistant species, whose exotic look makes them great woodland garden plants, and tropical species suited for the cool greenhouse. It provides descriptions of all species, keys for their identifications, plus information on their growing conditions in the wild and advices for their cultivation and propagation.

This book is the long-awaited result of ten years of interest in the genus Arisaema. The authors traveled widely in connection with this work, which is the product of observations in the wild, in-depth reviews of scientific papers, analysis of many herbarium vouchers, and, finally, the experience they acquired in growing these plants in a Belgium garden.

Since Engler’s classification in 1910, this monograph is the first attempt to bring order to the confused state of knowledge about the genus in the whole of its geographical range. It includes descriptions, taxonomy, names and synonyms, critical examinations of the nomenclature, geographic distributions and habitats together with notes on cultivation, providing the most up-to-date account of the genus Arisaema available today. This volume is simple to use with, in each section, comparative drawings of leaves and inflorescences, as well as helpful identification tables.

Richly illustrated- many species have been photographed in their native habitats by the authors-, this botanical treatment provides a comprehensive and an individual addition to the libraries of botanists, Arisaema growers, and nature lovers.

It includes approximately 150 species, 475 full-colored photographs with close-up images, ca. 200 drawings, and 17 tables for keying the species. A glossary, and index of names, and an exhaustive bibliography are provided.

Contents (Main Headings)

Introduction / Morphology / Arisaemas in Chemistry and Medicine / Arisaemas in the Wild and in Cultivation / Propagation / Systematics / Taxonomic Treatment / Glossary / Bibliography / Index to Species Names

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The Genus of Arisaema, A Monograph for Botanists and Nature Lovers by Guy and Liliane Gusman. 2002. 475 colored photographs. Ca 200 line and figure drawings. 450 pages. Hardcover. (ISBN 3-904144-91-X). EUR 83.00

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