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Richard C. Sheffer, William L. Theobald, Haruyuki Kamemoto Taxonomy of Anthurium scandens (Araceae) (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: Anthurium scandens (Aublet) Engler is the most common and widely distributed of all Anthurium species ranging throughout the West Indies and tropical Central and South America. The habit is generally a small, vining, inconspicuous, usually epiphytic aroid. Specimens are occasionally cultivated for their attractive fruits which are sometimes eaten. In the past, the strong and flexible stems were used for making baskets and for tying together the framework of huts (Standley, 1937).
Haruyuki Kamemoto, R. D. Sheffer Anthurium wendlingeri x Anthurium scherzerianum
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 ABSTRACT: In 1974 we germinated seeds from open-pollinated flowers of A. scherzerianum which was growing directly below a plant of A. wendLingeri. Two distinct groups of offspring resulted: A. scherzerianum and the species hybrid, A. scherzerianum X A. wendlingeri.
Thomas B. Croat, Richard D. Sheffer The sectional groupings of Anthurium (Araceae) (Buy)
 ABSTRACT: In order to conduct a successful hybridization with Anlhurium it is necessary to have some understanding of the inter-relationships among different species of Anlhurium. This paper will introduce the sectional classification of the genus to you and will detail some examples of inter-sectional crosses that have proven successful. Others, where no success has yet been achieved, will also be reported.