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  Re: [Aroid-l] gGbberellic acid and inflorescence production
From: "Sherry Gates" <TheTropix at msn.com> on 2009.07.29 at 16:51:59

Hi Steve & everybody,
    I can imagine your frustration...having your wealth of knowledge thrown back in your face by someone who obviously is deficient in that department.  BUT I can't help but find it kind of funny, too.   Sorry, but I for one, will never ever remind you not to help!  People like me rely on the information and help available from such a rich resource pool!  I have been just one of many to benefit from you, and several other very knowledgeable peoples' help on the Aroid l and I'll continue to turn y'alls way for help.  People who can't handle the fact that they do NOT have all the answers, like whoever it was on the other post, will always be around to try to mess things up.  EGO is a killer of many good things.  
    You just do what you do.  Help, inform, and keep learning, and growing (botanically & personally)!   I owe so much of what little I do know to the wonderful people I've 'met' on Aroid-l.  Always a friendly, happy place to get answers.
                                                 PHOOEY (see how clean I kept it??? 3D"Smiley) on them!
                                                 One of your many, many friends, (even though we haven't actually met)
                                                             Sherry Gates
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Sent: Tuesday, July 28, 2009 1:36 PM
Subject: [Aroid-l] gGbberellic acid and inflorescence production

I just received a "lecture" on one of the garden sites.  As a result I'd like to know if anyone on this board has successfully used gibberellic acid to induce the production of an inflorescence with aroid species.  I have no need to try this but my curiosity is making me want to know.  I suggested the individual check the results on Aroid l that are available on the net since as I read those some of our best and brightest are skeptical.  http://www.hort.net/lists/aroid-l/search.pl

Now I guess I'll be off to my "blackboard" to write whatever it is I'm supposed to write 1000 times.  Also, would some of you remind me not to try to help???  And don't worry, I won't bother to respond on that post again.


Steve Lucas

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