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  Re: [Aroid-l] St. Louis 4/24/10
From: ExoticRainforest <Steve at ExoticRainforest.com> on 2010.04.29 at 12:41:00
Zach, I wanted to thank you personally for all your efforts to putthis together.  I know that every board member is grateful as wellsince it is one of our priorities to make chapters an important part ofthe IAS so we can increase our membership as well as helpmembers find others in their area with whom they can share theirinterest in aroids.

For those of you that don't know, Zach volunteered more than one yearago to accept responsibility for organizing the MidAmerica Chapter.  Hehas communicated with Carla, Dr. Croat, Albert and myself on a veryregular basis treating this project as if it was a business.  We hadcharts all away through the process and knew exactly where thepotential meeting stood months in advance.  He sent many emails topossible attendees inviting them to participate as well as postednotices on almost every known plant discussion forum.  Without Zach'sefforts the meeting is likely to have not been nearly as successful.

We encourage all our members to consider forming a chapter in your areaand will gladly offer assistance.  For those of you not aware, there isinterest in North Florida, the Northeastern US, the UK and Australia informing a chapter so please post your interest here or send it to oneof the board members if you need help.  Our membership is on an upwardsgrowth trend with a 20% increase in the past year and we want to keepit that way!

My thanks to all who attended the meeting in St. Louis but a specialthanks to Carla, Emily, Tom and all the MOBOT staff members that madean effort to make this meeting the success it was.  I enjoyed meetingall of you!  With Zach's guidance we will be starting work on the nextmeeting shortly and hope even more of you will plan to attend!

Thanks again Zach!  Stellar job.


On 4/28/2010 09:28, Zach DuFran wrote:

Sorry for two emails,but I have filled in the missingnames from the picture.


Picturedattendees (left to right) are:Steve Lucas, Larry Ziegler, Kathy Upton, John Whitenight, Shawna Mayer,BobLundstrom, Chad Mayer, Tim McNinch, Christie DuFran, Danny Ellis, ZachDuFran,Mike Stokley, Dr. Thomas Croat, Robert Winfrey, Brad Lucas, RachelFalwell(behind Brad), Carla Kostelac, Joep Moonen, Cathy Marak, Emily Coletti,SteveMarak, Ann Grace, Nils Koster, Jordan Teisher, Susan McQueen, JohnJocius,Emily Stuart, Kyle Cannon.


Those inattendance but not picturedwere: Barb Wedler, Bryan Hoke, Polly Kinslowe, and a hand full of otherMoBotstaff and volunteers that helped throughout the day. 



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Attachedis a group photo from the 2ndMidAmerica chapter meeting, which was held at the Missouri BotanicalGardensMonsanto Center this last Saturday, April 24.  The attendance wassomewhere between 32 and 35, I believe.

Pictured attendees (left to right) are: Steve Lucas, Larry Ziegler,KathyUpton, John Whitenight, Chad Mayer's wife (didn't catch her firstname), BobLundstrom, Chad Mayer, Tim McNinch, Christie DuFran, Danny Ellis, ZachDuFran,Mike ? (friend of John Jocius), Dr. Tom Croat, Rachel Falwell's husband(didn'tcatch his first name), Brad Lucas, Rachel Falwell (behind Brad), CarlaKostelac, Joep Moonen, Cathy Marak, Emily Coletti, Steve Marak, ?(didn't catchher name), Nils Koster, Jordan Teisher, Susan McQueen, John Jocius,EmilyStuart, Kyle Cannon.

Those in attendance but not pictured were: Barb Wedler, Bryan Hoke, anda handfull of other MoBot staff and volunteers that helped throughout theday. There were about 5 others who had planned to attend but had to canceldue tothe weather conditions or some last minute circumstances.


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I compileda list of all attendees andcan send that out with a group photo this evening.



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Subject: [Aroid-l] St. Louis 4/24/10


ThanksSteve for sharing info concerning the one day affair in St. Louis atMo-Bot. Could we possibly get arandom survey of who was in attendance?  Even though more than a fewmembers could not be there to enjoy the program and the personal 'aroidrelateddiscussions' for one reason or another, we were there in spirit andsupportedthe I.A.S. efforts.               

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