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  Re: [Aroid-l] Re : Shade Cloth
From: "Morse, Clinton" <clinton.morse at uconn.edu> on 2018.07.02 at 07:12:45

Definitely get taped & grommetted products, much easier to deal with.  I would also advise an aluminized shade product - we've used Aluminet from Greentek and various LS Svensson products with very good results. 

Traditional black shade cloth absorbs sunlight and releases that energy as heat, often burning the foliage of anything within 24 inches of the curtain (ours are fitted inside a glass house).  Plus its a lot cooler under an aluminized shade cloth.  

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Thanks so much for your helpful suggestion - I'm fortunate not to have hail storms in Los Angeles - just a few days each year of strong rain and wind - but your recommendations make perfect sense - particularly regarding the grommets - I've seen a lot of other approaches to fastening the shade cloth to a structure, and grommets seem to work the best.

Thanks again, and good growing!


On Sunday, July 1, 2018 9:41 AM, Michael Kolaczewski <mjkolaffhbc@sbcglobal.net> wrote:

Hi Roz,
I have in the past used 30 and 40 percent shade cloth, strung over various Aroids and other tropical plants.
I suspended the cloth anywhere from a few feet above the tops of the plants to 6-7- or even eight over ( much like a camping tent )
To reduce sun exposure. Also here in the Chicago Land area,We get severe thunder storms, so I also use shade cloth to prevent  hail damage. ( At least that=92s the idea !!!)
A.M Leonard ( amleo.com) is one on line supplier that sells shade cloth.
As I=92m sure you=92re aware, Be sure it has grommets, so you can attach to sturdy poles. With rope and Also to tie it down in case of strong wind.
These products typically have a UV inhibitor and all the tech stuff.
Good luck !!
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