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  [Aroid-l] Anthurium cross section pollination/ Hunt for pollen!
From: Colton Witt <coltonwittphotography at gmail.com> on 2020.07.22 at 13:47:23
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Hello! I have a very random and quick question. From my minimal knowledge, I know it is not normally possible to cross anthurium from different sections. I was curious though if it is at all possible? I live in Chicago and asked someone I know at the Conservatory if there are any anthuriums currently producing pollen. They do have A. Hoffmanii, although it looks like a possible cross from the image I was sent (small image attached).=C2=A0
The Anthurium I have in flower is a 'Queen of Hearts' which looks like a cross of A. Dressleri and something, but mine is highly velutinous (video in attachment). These cannot cross even if both are hybrids correct since one is section=C2=A0Calomystrium, and the other section Cardiolonchium correct?
If these cannot cross I was wondering if anyone has any anthurium in section=C2=A0Cardiolonchium and would be interested in crossing it with my Anthurium? The inflorescence=C2=A0is still a ways away from opening.=C2=A0
Thank you, anyone,=C2=A0for any info you give I love learning as much as I can!
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