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  Re: [Aroid-l] More Photos and Information Provided: Can Anyone
From: Susan B <honeybunny442 at yahoo.com> on 2020.09.06 at 09:29:43
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Definitely looks like one of the Pseudodracontiums, as they used to be called, now moved into Amorphophallus, even though they flower at the same time leaves are up.
In 2009 these were available from a plant distribution from MOBOT:
Pseudodracontium anomalum 66056
Pseudodracontium  fallax   79452 =3D H.AM.162 Colombia. Valle del Cauca.  Queremal to Anchicay=C3=A1, ca. 10 km W of Queremal.1100 m 03.33.00N 076.45.00W
Pseudodracontium  harmandi 76149=3D H.AM.258 Thailand. Si Chang Island (Maxwell-683) (HAM 258)
Pseudodracontium  lacourii 79453 =3D H.AM.209
Pseudodracontium  latifolium H.AM.167

latifolium has green petioles with green spots, harmandii has brown petioles with dark spots.  I suppose you can look the others up on the IAS website.  Be careful, there is an Am. harmandii, and an Am. pseudoharmandii, you want the latter.
Attached are a few photos of my pseudoharmandii, it doesn't look quite like yours.  

I think the HAM accession numbers were originally from Wilbert Hetterscheid?  He also used to do distributions, maybe back around 2002 or so?
Susan B
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On Sunday, September 6, 2020, 10:26:24 AM EDT, XYZ2 in Virginia <867ykcor@cox.net> wrote:

Hi, I=E2=80=99ve been able to get some more information and photos to try to obtain a positive identification of this plant.  The grower acquired the plant from Alan Galloway about 15 to 20 years ago and he has been cultivating it since then.  The photos attached are of the spathe, leaves, and petioles.  The petioles are about 8 inches high from where they emerge from the soil to where the divided leaf forms. 


Thanks for your help.  I appreciate it.








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