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  A. konjac Question
From: ManFont at aol.com on 1998.10.03 at 01:17:20(2644)
My A. konjac are beginning to turn brown at the leaf edges and yellow. Is this
normal dormancy coming on or some other problem. I am new to these plants.
Several have produced additional plants as one of the older ones turned
yellow. Thanks in advance.

Luis Fontanills

From: Don Burns <burns at mobot.org> on 1998.10.03 at 01:33:07(2645)

You are observing typical south Florida behavior for A. konjac and most
other Amorphophallus. The plants that are growing a new leaf while the older
leaf is failing are also showing typical behavior. Many of my
Amorphophallus of almost all species are already dormant or on the way.
But as usual A. titanum is behaving in its own unpredictable way. Some of
them are thriving and may or may not go dormant after the first of the
year. Others are just waking up after several months of slumber.

When the growth on your A. konjac keels over (assuming there is no new
leaf present), remove the tuber from the medium, and store it in a dry
place until it begins to awaken again.


From: ManFont at aol.com on 1998.10.03 at 22:33:49(2648)
A great many thanks to all who responded to the dormancy aspect of A. konjac!
I suspected that this was the case but was somewhat perplexed by the different
responses to my 4 separate plants; apparently these responses are normal to my
region. Now I can sleep soundly again ;-)

Luis Fontanills

From: Michael Marcotrigiano <marcotrigiano at pssci.umass.edu> on 1998.10.03 at 22:45:42(2650)
That's how mine look when they start to go dormant. The length of
non-dormancy I find can be extended somewhat by maintaining a good soil
fertility program.

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