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  Kaichen Website
From: Don Burns <burns at mobot.org> on 1998.10.09 at 16:27:42(2676)
> I have accessed this new site of mr. Chen Yi and found it to be slow in
> the extreme, especially trying to open the photos, which often partly
> failed and showed partly scrambled photos. Although it is said in the

Wilburt and others,

I looked at the site yesterday and again just moments ago, and had no
difficulty opening images. It is sometimes a little slow i.e. 10 or 15
seconds to load an image, but that is a problem that can be had with any
site periodically. Admittedly I am accessing the net through T3 lines.

I am willing to download and send a few images to any of you who might be
having difficulty.


From: dave-poole at ilsham.demon.co.uk (David Poole) on 1998.10.10 at 14:58:54(2681)
I've tried to access this site on several occasions but find it
impossible. Broken links, broken images and a remarkably slow load
time. The first page eventually gets there, but as for subsequent
pages.... I'm afraid I haven't the time to sit and wait for them.

David Poole

From: grsjr at juno.com (George R Stilwell, Jr.) on 1998.10.10 at 23:37:44(2682)

As with the old Kaichen web site, it works most everywhere but in the US
and UK. Perhaps

From: plantnut at macconnect.com (Dewey Fisk) on 1998.10.11 at 00:01:58(2683)
Here is another voice.... I had no problem with the Kaichen site.... Took
just a few seconds for each to download....

From: Wilbert Hetterscheid <hetter at vkc.nl> on 1998.10.12 at 12:38:41(2686)
O.k., I got the message: this is all my fault..........sob, sob. I'll
see if I can tune my computer better so I can enjoy the site .......


From: Lester Kallus <lkallus at earthlink.net> on 1998.10.12 at 18:38:00(2687)
Actually, this could be your internet service provider or traffic in your
country and could have absolutely nothing to do with your own computer.
Yes, you should try again (as should anyone else having troubles), but if
it does no better, you may have to look outside your computer to find the

From: Roy Herold <rrh at genesis.nred.ma.us> on 1998.10.13 at 00:22:09(2688)
Actually, I had an experience similar to Wilbert and others, with painfully
slow downloads, interspersed with very brief bursts of speed. It is
definitely NOT my provider-- I have a cable modem that is nearly as fast as
a dedicated T1 link (thats 1.5 megabits per second).

Rather, I think the Chinese ration their internet services the same way
they ration hot water-- just a little bit at a time. When I was in rural
China a couple of years ago, the hotels told us we might get hot water
between 7 and 9 PM, and even then it would quit in midstream. Ditto for
electricity. Consider yourself lucky if you can squeeze 200 bits per second
out of the link to Kaichen (with a little hot water now and then). If it's
downloading quickly, finish your shower IMMEDIATELY!


From: Sue Zunino <suez at northcoast.com> on 1998.10.13 at 03:19:01(2689)
I have been visiting the Kaichen site often, and have discovered that if
you are trying to download a certain photo which is taking forever to
load, go to the next one, let it load a bit, then go back to the
previous photo and it seems to load faster after that. This might be a
mind trick, but it worked for me. I also noticed that most of the
Aresaemas loaded rather quickly whereas the other plant lists on the
average loaded slower. There was only one Arisaema photo that loaded to
an empty page. At any rate, try the above method. It might work for
you too.

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