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  Anth. veitchii
From: Piabinha at aol.com on 1998.12.18 at 04:10:02(2841)
can someone point me to a picture of this plant? or describe it to me. is it
very large? i'm thinking of ordering it from tropiflora, along with the
alocasias they have.

From: David Scherberich <earmag at cybercable.tm.fr> on 1998.12.19 at 03:30:00(2843)
Dear tsuh yang,

there it is:


From: plantnut at macconnect.com (Dewey Fisk) on 1998.12.19 at 05:47:12(2845)
A bit of a warning. I have seen seven different clones of Anthurium
veitchii. Dr. Birdsey had them before Hurricane Andrew. The clone that is
shown at the below URL appears to be the "Colombian" clone. It is the
rarest of the clones. The other clones vary in width between the lateral
veins, the shape of the sinus and the color. The "Colombian" clone seems
to have the darkest green. Somehow, I do not think this clone would sell
for the price listed. I am going to order and see.... and I hope I am

From: Piabinha at aol.com on 1998.12.19 at 17:18:43(2848)
In a message dated 98-12-18 22:18:19 EST, earmag@cybercable.tm.fr writes:

<< Dear tsuh yang,

there it is:

From: hermine <hermine at endangeredspecies.com> on 1998.12.20 at 03:26:56(2851)
><< Dear tsuh yang,
From: William Perez <wpz at sprynet.com> on 1998.12.21 at 05:14:06(2855)
> >
> >thanks, david and sue. i used to know what a veitchii looked like but i had
From: hermine <hermine at endangeredspecies.com> on 1998.12.21 at 15:31:50(2856)
>How true is this??
>I want to know because I've always had fantasies of growing A. veitchii and
>warocqueanum in my bathroom.

one of my first growth chambers WAS a bathroom! they are ideal being
tile-lined to hold humidity and generally waterproof. add lights and a
source of humidity like a vaporizer, and you are HOME! i flowered my first
orchid in a bathroom in Brooklyn.

I mean growth chamber in a figurative sense, not a laboratory sense. anyone
can make growth chambers.


From: William Perez <wpz at sprynet.com> on 1999.02.14 at 04:41:14(3032)

I seemed to have lost all my files concerning A. veitchii. I pretty much
remember the general requirements but cannot recall if anyone mentioned a
good potting mix. Would it be okay to mount it and hang it in the
bathroom? I also remember someone mentioning that foggy conditions would
produce superb plants. Does a humidifier's output classify as foglike or
is it still too 'wet'?

I need to know because I just got my very own A. veitchii from Tropiflora.
I am very pleased! It's in a three inch pot with three very strong and
turgid leaves. The youngest leaf is two inches long, the next is 3 or 4
inches and the big one is six inches long. Not a bruise or a tear in
sight. It came in an unecessarily large box and packed really well which
explains why it looks so good. And for only twenty bucks! I ordered it
and received it within a week. I urge everyone to take a looksee at
Tropiflora's website and order it. You won't be disappointed.

Now, if only I could find A. waroqueanum for about the same price, then
I'd be set for life!

William Perez

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