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From: Lester Kallus <lkallus at earthlink.net> on 1999.03.04 at 22:26:19(3100)
One of my favorite plants has always been a Manihot esculenta variegata
(the variegated tapioca plant). I grew three last summer and watched them
flourish in our hot summer. The wait for a warm house during my fall
construction has unfortunately done them in. The tops died and then dried.

Now that my greenhouse is 95% inhabitable, I've started transporting some
plants there. I found the Manihot pot and dug up the dried plant to see
some tubers which appear viable.

Does anyone out there have any knowledge about what I can do to re-initiate
growth? Can it be done? Can I get more than one plant out of this? I
know I can replace it for $15-$20 but the sticker shock of my renovations
has me looking for alternatives.


From: "Don Bittel" <dbittel at treco.net> on 1999.03.06 at 05:42:47(3103)
I would be surprised if you could kill Manihot at all.
Here in central florida it loses all leaves but comes back quickly in the
spring. any size cutting or broken stem roots just by falling on the
ground. I have to be sure to throw the clippings away or I would have half
my yard taken over by that beautiful variegated 'weed'.
Just try watering and light fertilizing and stand back!
Don Bittel

From: "Julius Boos" <ju-bo at email.msn.com> on 1999.03.06 at 16:53:32(3104)
Dear Lester,
I`d be interested to hear if/when these plants regenerate IF only the tubers
are viable, and NOT any of the stem portion, as cassava (manihot) is
propagated from stem cuttings, not the swollen SOMETIMES edible roots. I
would NOT try eating the roots of this varigated one, as the leaves of the
edible ones are not varigated, and NO ONE wants to play around with the
'bitter' cassava, which is the poisonous var. that is processed by natives
to make cassava bread and other edible by-products, but only by experts.
Good luck and good growing,
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