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  A. titanum at Selby - update
From: SelbyHort at aol.com on 1999.05.13 at 23:48:23(3352)
Here's the latest on the Amorphophallus titanum flowering event here at Selby
Botanical Gardens.

We have two flowering buds developing and they appear to be timed about three
days apart. The larger bud has broken free of its cataphylls and is now
enlarging rapidly. This morning it is 113 cm, or 44.5 inches tall. It has
grown over 3.5 inches since yesterday. The smaller bud started "peaking" out
from its cataphylls yesterday and is now 65.4 cm or 25.75 inches high. We are
tentatively predicting that the larger bud will open about 8 days from now,
the smaller one about three days later. That will place peak or near peak
flowering for the first bloom around the weekend of May 22-23. Of course, we
can't know with any certainty this far in advance, so I will keep you all
updated every couple of days on the flowering progress.

I am gathering some information about our cultural techniques for these two
plants and will post that in my next message. I do hope some of you can make
a trip to see this double flowering. It is apparently very rare for two
titanums to be so sychronized. Does anyone have any information about whether
a double flowering in cultivation has ever occurred before? Please let me
know via this newslist or e-mail me directly at

More soon!

Donna Atwood
Selby Gardens

From: Craig Smith <craigsmith at sprintmail.com> on 1999.05.14 at 02:52:59(3355)
Dear Aroid-L and Donna,
Donna Atwood wrote about the double flowering Titanums at Selby Gardens
- that they would probably flower 3 days apart.
I have observed informaly that the A. Konjac seems to respond to
temperature reductions by growing more slowly. With over a week to go
and only 3 days apart, would it be possible to shelter / cool the first
plant a bit and bring their flowering closer to improve chances of a
From: SelbyHort at aol.com on 1999.05.15 at 01:46:27(3356)
We can't move the titanums indoors to do any temperture controls. Right now
they are placed outside under a roof near the exit of our Display House. One
of the things we have struggled with is how to stage these massive plants so
that visitor traffic flow won't be bottlenecked. We really don't have a good
place to display such large plants! Something for all of you who have
potential flowering specimens to think about! We are concerned about night
roaming animals such as racoons and opossums when the plants near peak
flowering and release odors that might attract such critters, so we have 24
hour security keeping watch.

As for the timing of flowering: we can probably successfully store the pollen
for a day or two under controlled conditions. Scott Hyndman provided some
useful notes about this procedure a couple of days ago.

Donna Atwood
Selby Gardens

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