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  titanum blooming in the US
From: Douglas Ewing <dewing at u.washington.edu> on 1999.07.12 at 04:04:49(3489)
I have been asked by several people here about other flowerings of
Amorph.titanum in the US. I have been saying that our plant ( due any day,
I'm thinking) will be the 10th event in this country. Does anyone know the
dates and places of all other 9? I know of the most recent events, but
would love to pass these details on. Thanks, Doug

From: SelbyHort at aol.com on 1999.07.14 at 21:46:38(3503)
Dear Doug,

Did your plant bloom last week? I had heard it flowered on the 7th or so. How
did everything go???

We listed our double flowerings as the 8th and 9th flowerings. We did this
because Fairchild said theirs was the 6th and Atlanta said theirs was the
7th. The 5th flowering was reported by Kathy Upton at Univ. of Missouri,
Colombia. It was a younger plant from the same seed batch as all of ours, so
it surprised everyone. Going back in time, there was a flowering at Longwood
in April 1961 and before that were the July, 1939 and June 1937 flowerings at
NYBG...so if you add this all up you will find that one flowering is
unaccounted for.

I asked Craig Allen at Fairchild how he arrived at the 6th flowering and he
said they weren't sure, but were only guessing and allowed that they added in
an extra flowering for some possible event that may have been undocumented.
In the rush to get the PR out, you really don't have time to trace all the
history in detail, and there appears to be some gaps in information. It is
possible that your flowering is the 9th titanum flowering in this country,
but this has yet to be confirmed.

Hope to hear more from you about your flowering when you have time,

Donna Atwood
Selby Gardens

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