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  Re: Anthurium hybrids
From: Neil Carroll zzamia at hargray.com> on 1999.10.05 at 22:31:14(3696)
> If anyone out there in Aroidland has a named Anthurium hybrid
> with parentage and you've never seen it listed anywhere, please e-mail me
> the name and cross so I can add it to my record, I'd appreciate it so
> much that I might be persuaded to print my entire list to Aroid-L
Robert, I would be happy to post your hybrid list in The Anthurium Primer
on the IAS site. I and others have tried to get a hybrid registration for
Anthurium for many years and can never seem to get it off of the ground. If
you go back in Aroideana ( i can't remember the issue off hand) there is a
list of published hybrids up to that point. It does not include much of the
cut flower hybrids from Hawaii, but it is a start.

Hawaii does keep a registry of cut flower anthuruim but I am not sure who
maintains it. maybe the Univ. of Hawaii? I took pictures of several foliage
hybrids at the Show in sept. and am working on getting those posted to TAP


From: plantnut at macconnect.com (Dewey) on 1999.10.05 at 22:35:52(3697)
Robert Arias...

I agree with all that you said about Anthurium hybrids.... It has taken up
a lot of the time, over the years, at the Board of Directors meetings of
the International Aroid Society. The IAS has been designated as the
Registering Authority by the International Nomenclature Commettiee to
register all of these hybrids. Knowing the parents would inhance our
knowledge and once a hybrid is registered, it would go by the Registered
name no matter who remade the same cross.

The only problem that the IAS has is that no one wants to tackle this
mountain of work. It would require a lot of dedication and a lot of ground
work to dig out the history of some of these plants.... If someone would
volunteer.... they would have the clout of the International Nomenclature
Committee and the IAS behind them. This would help but it would still
require a lot of work.

Possibly, one of these days, the IAS will find a member that is willing to
tackle this mountain. I sure hope so. Until then, we will just have to
muddle thru with the mountain getting larger all the time.

Sad, isn't it....?

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