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  FC Distribution 1999 - Seeds & Bulbs for friends
From: "Fausto Ceni" cenfaust at tin.it> on 1999.10.06 at 02:04:24(3701)
Dear friends,
in the last year 1998 my third distribution of seeds and bulbs had success:
I have sent stuff to more than 40 friends.
Also this year I have seed and some bulbs to distribute (less than in 1998).
Most items are in little quantity and it is possible that I can't
satisfy all.
Althought offer in exchange is very, very appreciated, it is not
necessary (I know what is to have nothing to give in exchange!!).
Please, don't hurt if I don't accept the plants you offer: may be I have
already them or don't love them, but your offer is appreciated in the same
way both if I accept it or not.
You should only understand that the people that gave me plants, literature
or support in the past, will have the priority in the choice.
I am particulary searching (but be not frightened and don't laugh):

Bulblets of Cardiocrinums
Veltheimia capensis
Disa (wild)

Most of the my seeds are from plants of wild documented origin, free
pollination but very low possibility of hybridation.

Rules to apply:

- Don't use absolutely the Re function of your software!!!!!
- Type in the subject row of the message: FC distribution 98
- I cannot give any kind of certificates for the bulbs; specially the
Australian and NZ people should be aware of it: better seeds.
- Money is not requested.
- Remember for future reference the FC### and give it to anyone you give
plants that are grown from my seeds.
- The requests should be sent to my E-mail address;
- They should come to me before 14th October, but from 16th Oct to 7th
November I will be in Nepal and I will answer and send most confirmations
and items only beginning from the second half of November: please be
- Please, to help me you should:
in the message first give your name and post address
give genus, species, and FC###;
best when you use the copy/paste function from the text of my list
at the end eventually your comunications
- Remember to give your snail-mail address!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If the list is bad formatted on your screen, try to set "fixed with" if

This is the list :

Albuca altissima 1193
Alstroemeria pulchella xxx
Anomatheca laxa 483
Bellevalia brevipedicellata 853
Cyclamen graecum 881
Cyclamen hederifolium 210
Cypella coelestis xxx
Eryrhronium dens-canis 1023
Fritillaria obliqua 1059
Fritillaria messanensis 207 Sicily
Fritillaria messanensis 802 Greece
Fritillaria mess. atlantica 302
Fritillaria tenella xxx
Fritillaria armena xxx
Fritillaria davisii 1060
Fritillaria michailovskii 907
Fritillaria pontica xxx
Fritillaria involucrata xxx
Juno magnifica 1104
Gynandriris sisirhynchium 415 Marettimo Is.
Gynandriris sisirhynchium 475 Lampedusa Is.
Gynandriris sisirhynchium 214 Messina
Habranthus tubispathus xxx
Habranthus macranthus xxx
Habranthus andersonii 439
Habranthus commersonianus xxx
Habranthus longistylus xxx
Habranthus gracilifolius xxx
Habranthus sp xxx
Hyacynthoides hispanica algeriensis 316 Morocco
Merendera sobolifera xxx bulblets
Muscari commutatum 518
Muscari spritzendorferi 854 Crete
Muscari neglectum xxx
Muscari neglectum 967
Narcissus poeticus 899
Ornithogalum arabicum 516 bulblets
Scilla peruviana 494
Tritonia sp. 625
Urginea maritima 456
Zephyranthes sulphurea xxx
Zephyranthes minor xxx
Zephyranthes drummondii 1172


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