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  seeds to split
From: Pugturd at aol.com on 1999.12.13 at 14:40:14(3933)
Hello this is Brian Williams. I would like to know if their is some people
who would like to split a bill and seeds with me. I have a price list form
Alvim Seidel. They sell seeds by the thousand only and have a large
collection. I would like to know if some people would like to go in together
and buy most of the aroids and split the seeds. the total is around 800.00
dollars but if 8 people help it will only be 100.00 each and more than a 100
seeds of each plant. The more people the less the cost but the less seeds to.
If you would like to get in and split the coast and seeds e-mail me at
From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at email.msn.com> on 1999.12.14 at 05:18:19(3942)
Dear Brian,
Be cautious with ordering seed from this source, there was a LONG discussion
a couple of years ago about this supplier, and if I remember seed was
ordered much like what you suggest, and from what I remember it was not all
positive! Lots of these plants are available here, and seed loose their
viability fairly quickly, and you can not know when the seed he may send was
collected! Most Philodendron seed are tiny, and difficult to grow. In my
opinion there are easier ways to waste money. Ask the members what their
experiences have been with seed ordered from this Co., or search the
archives of the list to see what the story is.
Good luck,

From: Pugturd at aol.com on 1999.12.15 at 14:41:52(3950)
Hello this is Brian Williams. I have talked to the company selling the seeds.
I have asked for a guarantee on the seeds. I will stop trying to get this
together if everyone thinks it is a bad idea. I would like to hear everyone's
opinion. But if I do get at least 8 people who will not get mad if the seeds
are not all that great. I will go ahead and ship for the seeds. I will make
sure to have a guarantee on the seeds as well. I will let you know what the
company says. Here is what they sent me last night. THANKS
Dear Mr. Brian:

We do only supply seeds of best fresh quality.
If your people would not be satisfied with the quality our firm certainly
would not exist near a century.
Many times the reason of poor germination is the wrong treatment.
To assure the shipment of only fresh fertile seeds, your eventual order
would be send partially, from December to March, just to can send the seeds
immediately after collected.

From: Betsytrips at aol.com on 1999.12.16 at 16:32:34(3958)
Just to add my two cents to this seed deal, I might think it rather difficult
to send anthurium seed and philo seed in this manner. Not all seed in the
months they are sending and my experience is that they do not live terribly
long. In fact, some barely make it back from collecting. Sending in the
months they say runs into weather problems also. Much to be considered for
those willing to foot the bill. I think it was Julius who said to be wary of
such offerings and I might well be willing to go along with that. If you got
the money to blow and really do not expect very much, then any result would
be okay, but that is a lot of money to get ify seed.

Good luck, no matter what you do.


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