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  Typhonium pedunculatum
From: MJ Hatfield oneota at ames.net> on 1999.12.13 at 14:49:35(3936)
My Typhonium pedunculatum is going dormant. How should I treat it now?
MJ Hatfield

From: "Hetterscheid, W." Hetter at Plantscope.nl> on 1999.12.14 at 05:34:03(3943)
Keep it in the soil. The tuber of this species is sensitive to desiccation.


From: Victor Soukup soukupvg at email.uc.edu> on 1999.12.15 at 14:58:53(3955)
Like MJ, I bought a plant of Typhonium "pedunculatum"at the IAS meeting.
It was one of a group of various plants which John Banta brought to the
meeting (if I am wrong please correct me) and on returning home I tried to
place this name in the proper place within Typhonium.
Typhonium pedunculatum is not among the species which Sriboonma
and Murata accepted in their revision of the genus five years ago.
Therefore, what is it: a newly described species or an obscure synonym,
or--? I wrote to John and put the question to him some while ago and have
not had a response.
Since I have a vital interest in the genus, I would appreciate whatever
info anyone can supply about this plant.
Based on the response from Wilbert, I assume that he considers it
a "good" species. I want to include it as one of the species to be
examined in a molecular study of the genus, but only if we know something
about it.
Thenks for any help anyone can provide.

Vic Soukup

From: Betsytrips at aol.com on 1999.12.16 at 16:35:32(3959)
In a message dated 12/15/99 8:58:58 AM Central Standard Time,
soukupvg@email.uc.edu writes:

<< I wrote to John and put the question to him some while ago and have

From: "Hetterscheid, W." Hetter at Plantscope.nl> on 1999.12.16 at 16:50:37(3964)
Dear Vic,

In fact, it is a new species of which the name has not been officially
published yet. Yours trule is going to do that, but the manuscript isn't
finished. There will be a publication, maybe in one of the next Aroideana
issues, with several new Typhonium species. John asked me in St. Louis, if
he could use the name already and I said o.k. There's a thin line between
what's wise and what isn't in such circumstances but I decided that everyone
buyng the thing would be helped in already having a name attached to it,
that is going to be the right one anyway. I have scans of the plant in
flower, so if anyone wants to have that in his/her email, let me know (I
hope only a FEW!!!!).


From: Victor Soukup soukupvg at email.uc.edu> on 1999.12.20 at 15:52:51(3968)
Dear Wilbert,
Thanks for clearing up the "mystery" which once again, when you learn a
few facts turns out to not be a mystery at all. Because I plan on using it
in our study, I would appreciate learning more about it, its placement in
which Typhonium section, its habitat and country (exact location,
preferably), collector. This is all the type data which I'm sure you will
include in a publication, but would appreciate a short note now. Also
would very much like a picture (preferably a slide) which I could use in a
talk I will be giving in early March on Araceae. It would be nice to show
that there is still much to learn in the family.

Thanks very much for the info.

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