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  Alocasia ID? Or Xanthosoma?
From: "Adao Pereira" miguelporto at mail.telepac.pt> on 2000.01.21 at 19:37:40(4017)
Hello all!

Does anyone know which species is the Alocasia that is commonly cultivated
throughout Europe? It has big leaves about 1 meter in length and it produces
several flowers in summer, the spathe is white, about 20 cm long. I uploaded
two photos of mine:



Or is this a Xanthosoma?


From: "Peter Boyce" Boyce at pothos.demon.co.uk> on 2000.01.23 at 04:02:37(4018)
Dear Miguel

Looks like Alocasia macrorrhizos, to me.


From: "Dany Hervelle" bs246466 at skynet.be> on 2000.01.23 at 04:05:39(4021)
I am from Belgium and the alocasia that your are talking about seem for me
alocasia odorata.Here,there are only a few alocasia that are avalable and a
odorata is one of the more commun because it made great plants.A macrorhyza
is an other but after
see your photographs,i think it is the first. Please note that there are
also a lot of hybrid between a odora,a macrorhyza and a alba that have the
same shape.But i am only a collector so it is just a
suggestion!Probably Dr Alistair Hay may help you with more certitude.
Like i 'm here,can i wonder to everyone if someone can help me to have
source for an other alocasia species,alocasia 'samar'
It 's a little growin species that was avalable some years ago in the USA
apparently not now.I had the plant in the past and i have lost it.Maybe
someone have the plant and may sold me a corm or a little plant.


From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at email.msn.com> on 2000.01.23 at 04:59:07(4022)
Dear Miguel,
I believe your plant is Alocasia macorrhiza. It is NOT a species of
From: "Adao Pereira" miguelporto at mail.telepac.pt> on 2000.01.24 at 05:56:08(4024)

So, the mistery is gone. As I suspected it's likely to be A. macrorrhiza, or
some related species.

From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at email.msn.com> on 2000.01.24 at 17:02:06(4025)
Dear Miguel,
Your plant may be a species that does NOT ever get larger, some Alocasias
like yours never get above 4 feet tall, while some OTHER species of Alocasia
do get to huge dimensions. Ask anyone for seeds of some of the giants,
that is your only hope of growing 'giants'. I do not believe that there is
anything you can do to increase your plant`s overall size, that it blooms
regularly says that it is adult, healthy and happy! Love it as it is!!



From: "DANIELLE THOMAS" CDANIELLE at prodigy.net> on 2000.01.31 at 17:00:52(4035)
I have the same problem with an A. amazonica that I've had for several
years. I know it can get much larger leaves than it has put out in the past
two summers because three years ago it put out a couple huge leaves but now
when it's in a growth cycle it puts out more inflorescences than leaves and
hasn't come close to matching the huge leaves that have since passed. I got
very frusterated with it last fall when it put up three inflorescences in a
row and after many months of no activity it is putting up a fourth
inflorescence. Too bad they can't be selfed then the flowers would be worth
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