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  New Book
From: plantnut at macconnect.com (Dewey) on 2000.03.03 at 00:27:37(4128)
"Botanica" The Most Complete Garden Encyclopedia ever Published....Barns &
Noble. They list 6,500 color photos...( and there probably are... I'm not
going to count them...) but the Color is great!

I was told about this book by someone and I forgot who... if you are
reading this... Thank You!

Anyway, it is a cross between Hortus and Exotica.... Only thing is the
pictures are much better and truer color than Exotia ....

So, if you want a good 'general' book... Go to Barnes & Noble.... No need
to tell them I sent you... 'cause I do not get a commission...

I was amazed at the price... I was told that it was about $45...$55..
BUT, it was in the Discount Section for $29.98... I think I got a real

From: Dean Sliger deanslgr at kode.net> on 2000.03.03 at 04:33:00(4129)
Dewey --

Not meaning to rain on your campfire or anything, but "Botanica" (including the
CD) can be found on Borders' sale tables in these parts for $10-$14. It's been
around now for a couple years. One local Borders' Outlet store last summer was
using a stack of them as a table for doughnuts and coffee during a weekend

From: plantnut at macconnect.com (Dewey) on 2000.03.04 at 04:36:32(4131)
Aw shucks... Oh well... I like the browsing. It is not to hot on aroids
but I like to look at the pretty pictures.... Just another tool.

From: "George R Stilwell, Jr." grsjr at juno.com> on 2000.03.04 at 04:38:58(4133)
I think the difference in opinion on the book 'Botanica' stems from the
fact that
there are at least 3 books with that title.

From: Albert Huntington BALBERTH at yahoo.com> on 2000.03.04 at 17:08:06(4137)
I received the B&N Botanica as a present this past Christmas, and I think it's
great. Of course it's not all-encompasing, but I haven't yet found a book that
I could trade all my other books in for.

I think that the book has wonderful pictures, and I've found it a lot of fun to
browse, perhaps more so than many other references.

If you look closely at the copyright information, it appears to be somehow
associated with Australia and New Zealand, perhaps the UK, which explains why
it has a somewhat more comprehensive selection of information on Banksia ( 13
species ), Eucalyptus ( 40 entries ) and Aloe ( 36 entries ) than most books
I've seen.

From: plantnut at macconnect.com (Dewey) on 2000.03.04 at 17:08:26(4138)
OK.... I did not know there were three.... The one I have is Edited by /
written by R. G. Turner and I just like looking at the pictures..... Even
if I can't grow 99.9% of them because of the tropical climate that is in S.

From: Dean Sliger deanslgr at kode.net> on 2000.03.04 at 17:09:46(4140)
The one I have -- the one with the CD -- is by Random House, 1997, edited by
R.J. Turner Jr. and Ernie Wasson. R.G. Turner Jr. is listed as one of the
consultants. After hearing raves about it for a year I saw it on a Borders'
sale table for $12; that's about what it's worth. The main point of the CD
is to serve as a sales tool for the "full version" software ($30-$40).

How did they get away with duplicate names?


From: "maurice m. hinterding" hinterding at dutch.nl> on 2000.03.04 at 17:10:09(4141)
Dear Dewey,
I was not the one who told you but I bought it last year in England. The
English version had a CD rom within the book This CD rom contains the hole
book for the computer. Really amazing. Here in The Netherlands you could buy
the Dutch version for f 29,95. I bought it in England (Wisley) last year for
30 pounds.
From: "George R Stilwell, Jr." grsjr at juno.com> on 2000.03.04 at 20:22:54(4147)
As you can see, it's really mixed up.
R.J. Turner Jr is involved with two of the three books,
but the publishers are different and no CD is involver with the B&N book.


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