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From: "H. Wiechers" h.wiechers at pl.hanze.nl> on 2000.03.07 at 03:38:30(4168)

in January of this year i got some tubers from what believed was the
Am konjac

From: plantnut at macconnect.com (Dewey) on 2000.03.08 at 03:00:16(4174)
You will have to wait for a bit more maturity.... Juvinal foliage has very
little to make an ID with... and to be sure... you have to wait for an
inflorescence.... Sorry... In the meantime.... enjoy the plant - it is
very healthy!

From: "Peter Boyce" Boyce at pothos.demon.co.uk> on 2000.03.08 at 03:00:38(4175)
Dear Erik

Well, it's an Arisaema but without inflorescences can't get much further
than that.


From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" hetter at worldonline.nl> on 2000.03.08 at 22:49:40(4184)
Yo, Viking,

You've been HAD! It IS an Arisaema and most probably from the Ar.
franchetianum-alliance. Poor, poor soul...having to live without an


From: "Bonaventure W Magrys" magrysbo at shu.edu> on 2000.03.08 at 22:50:52(4186)
plantnut@macconnect.com (Dewey) on 03/07/2000 10:00:26 PM
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Subject: Re: Identification

From: Rand Nicholson writserv at nbnet.nb.ca> on 2001.06.27 at 15:45:48(6899)
Hi All:

This came up on the _Carnivorous Plants List_. Anyone else think that
it might be some type of aroid? Amorphophallus? Perhaps a
Dracunculus? Or one of those pod things that Alien Invader wannabes
keep sending us?

Kind Regards,


From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" hetter at worldonline.nl> on 2001.06.28 at 15:59:30(6910)
My guess would be a Dracunculus. A "spontaneous" Amorphophallus would not
likely be a species with flowers and leaves at the same time. POSSIBLY a
Typhonium venosum, but again, flowering apart from the leaf.


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