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  Juvenile foliage
From: Don Martinson llmen at execpc.com> on 2000.03.09 at 03:37:11(4191)
>Subject: Re: Identification
>You will have to wait for a bit more maturity.... Juvinal foliage has very
>little to make an ID with... and to be sure... you have to wait for an
>inflorescence.... Sorry... In the meantime.... enjoy the plant - it is
>very healthy!

Dewey (or anyone else),

Is juvenile foliage solely the result of seed grown material, or
would you see juvenile foliage from small, asexually propagated
bulblets (as in A. konjac)? I'm guessing this is the case, at least
for A. konjac, since the little bulblets have foliage identical to
the adult.

Don M.

From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" hetter at worldonline.nl> on 2000.03.10 at 00:41:43(4196)
The photos we're all talking about show an Arisaema and not an Amorph.
Juveniles of Amorphs may indeed be trifoliate (more often 5-foliate) but are
then very small and soon they'll start developing more complex leaves. One
exception is a weird Pseudodracontium harmandii I have which keeps on
developing trifoliate leaves even though it is big and mature. Leaves from
asexual offsets/bulbils always start as miniature variants of the parent


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