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  Spider Mite
From: Kevin & Ali tautau at earthlink.net> on 2000.04.03 at 02:04:26(4331)
Hi everyone!
I usually don't have much to add but...
I have recently come across a product that WIPES OUT spider mite.
Before I say anything, it was given to me to test as a new
foliage-cleaner/shining product and touted no other claims. I noticed
after using it on a Chamaedorea that the spider mites were wiped out so
I kept experimenting. Has anyone ever had Amorphs that get inundated
with s.mites just before the leaf senesces? Pretty typical, right? I had
an infestation, sprayed once, and had complete control. Then I tried it
on an infested Majesty Palm in dry conditions and part-sun, NO s.mites
for a month! The stuff is called Brand X and its generic description is
a silicone emulsion. It is 4% WT polyethylene glycol monolauryloxy
according to the MSDS which I will send to anyone interested.
I DON'T work for the manufacturer or distributor. In fact, I'm
hesitant to post this but I think many of you would be as relieved as I
am to find a non-toxic (as far as I can tell) s.mite control that works
this well. PLEASE don't take my word for it completely but if anyone
wants to try this stuff out I can post the address. Its not that
expensive either. I haven't had any adverse effects at all except shiny
foliage (I prefer au-naturel) used in shade and part-sun.


From: Eric Moderator toeric at ev1.net> on 2000.04.03 at 22:03:22(4338)
I hope you did not spray the bottom of the leaves?! Since spider mites
live mainly on the bottom of the leaves, I am thinking that you might have
sprayed the sealant (that is pretty much what it is) on the undersides of
the leaves. If you did this, expect some or all your plants to decline
slowly until death. I did this with a leaf shine product when I was new to
raising plants and killed several plants that way. It caused the plants not
to be able to out gas (respirate?) properly. Leaf shine products should
only be sprayed on the top of the plant's leaves and never on ferns or

From: herm hermine at endangeredspecies.com> on 2000.04.05 at 02:56:58(4342)
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