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From: "Dr. Tom Croat" tcroat at LEHMANN.MOBOT.ORG> on 2000.04.24 at 21:52:55(4408)
Dear Aroiders:

I am happy to announce that Petra Malesevich
will come back to work for me on May 1st. Most
of you know that she was my Research
Assistant for many years until she left about a
year ago to follow her husband's career to
another city. In the end her husband John
decided not to take that opportunity and instead
changed career's, instead going into a new field,
investment counselling. He now operates his
own branch office of a major brokerage firm and
they will continue to live in Fenton which is near
the Missouri Botanical Garden. Petra had a lot
of time invested in the Missouri Botanical
Garden and in her love of Araceae so she
decided to come back to work with me. I am
very fortunate indeed since she had many other
more financially rewarding offers elsewhere.

Many of you remember Petra through her
participation with aroid research, our usually
annual distribution of living material of Araceae
or by her involvement in the International Aroid
Society. There she served in various
capacities over the years, as a member of the
Board of Directors, Editor of the Newsletter,
Membership Chairperson and Co-editor of
Aroideana. She is immensely skillful as an
editor, writer, researcher and grower. Her back
yard is beautifull landscaped and planted with
many interesting aroids and other plants. She
has helped me with every aspect of research
and has been heavily involved with the living
research collection, having served as the
Manager of the Research Greenhouse for a
number of years before joining my research
staff on the south end of the Gardens. She
represented the IAS Board at the VI International
Aroid Conference in Kunming in 1995 and
attended the Annual Show and Sale in Miami.
Because of her various skills and her
experience with Araceae I am very lucky indeed
to have her back working with me. On behalf of
aroid enthusiasts everywhere I want to welcome
her back and wish her a long career in research
here at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

From: "George R Stilwell, Jr." grsjr at juno.com> on 2000.04.24 at 23:27:45(4410)

Congratulations! You are indeed fortunate to have Petra back again.
Please tell her to contact me as soon as she establishes
an E-mail address so I can re-instate her on Arisaema-L.



From: Betsytrips at aol.com on 2000.04.24 at 23:31:16(4411)
CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH. Hopefully this will be a rewarding experience
for both of you.


From: plantnut at macconnect.com (plantnut) on 2000.04.25 at 02:56:16(4413)
Tom..... (and Petra, 'cause I think your reading....)
On a very selfish note..... It would be impossible for anyone to imagine
just how happy I am about Petra coming back. Over the years, I developed a
very strong feeling for this wonderful young lady. She is one of the
nicest folk that I know.... or have ever known... The working relationship
that we developed while she was doing all of the IAS stuff that Tom
mentioned was truly wonderful. Words sort of fail me right now... and
everyone knows that does not happen often... Happy and elated are just a
couple that come to mind but they are inadequate.

So, just to sum it up..... Welcome back Petra... We love you and we
missed you...

From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at email.msn.com> on 2000.04.25 at 23:33:24(4417)
Dear Tom and PETRA!!!

GREAT! Just GREAT! I am SO happy for you, Tom, and on a personal level
will never forget the patience and kindness of Petra in editing some of my
drivel that I was brave enough to submit for publication.
Welcome back, Petra, I am elated, and good sell, Tom! I am VERY happy for
both of you. Hope to see both of you in Miami in Sept.



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