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  Amorphophallus bulbifer culture
From: "Plantsman" plantsman at prodigy.net> on 2000.04.25 at 02:53:47(4412)
Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone has any cultural information on the
best way to grow A. bulbifer. I've had a small corm for a couple
of years and it doesn't seem to be increasing in size. I also
have a bunch of A. konjac that also are not getting any bigger.
Any ideas as to soil type, heat, light, fertilization & etc. for
either of these species would be greatly appreciated.

David Sizemore

From: plantnut at macconnect.com (plantnut) on 2000.04.25 at 03:49:24(4414)
Go to the IAS Web Page.... ... Click on Araceae... then
Amorphophallus.... Then the article on culture..... Then........ as the
old Newspaper Boys used to say many years ago...... "Read all about
it".... Excellent article on culture....

From: "Plantsman" plantsman at prodigy.net> on 2000.04.25 at 23:30:46(4415)
Thanks Dewey! I'm going to have to join that organization
eventually as aroids and orchids are my two most favorite plant
families (with a large serving of the gingers for dessert!).


From: GeoffAroid at aol.com on 2000.04.25 at 23:32:53(4416)

My experience with both species is that pot restriction seems to keep corms
small ( and encourage offsets), giving as large a pot as you can (width in
particular) can double the corm size in a year. Almost any rich soil and
regular feed seems to work for me here in temperate UK. I give them maximum
sun but then we get much less of that than you do!

Geoffrey Kibby

From: Michael Marcotrigiano marcotrigiano at pssci.umass.edu> on 2000.04.25 at 23:33:53(4418)
Mine grow leaps and bounds. Both species. I use PROMIX BX a peat-based mix
and OSMOSCOTE 14 14 14 fertilizer at the highest recommended dose. Both are
in Dappled shade and get 2 hours of full morning sunlight. I have Konjac
tubers the size of a human head. I live in New England, I warm up the tubers
(take them out of the root cellar) now and let them start popping without
soil. They go out in late May and if they are not dormant by Sept 15 I
tipped them over and let them dry out. I let the leaf die completely before
cutting it away ans store the tuber till next year. Hope this helps.

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