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  Anthurium seedlings & fungicides
From: "Jay Vannini" interbnk at infovia.com.gt> on 2000.04.26 at 03:04:05(4421)
Howdy All:

I was wondering whether the group cud give me their input on what
fungicides I shud use on newly-germinated Anthurium seedlings. Have just
"hatched" several batches of species on shredded treefern under clear
plastic domes.

From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at email.msn.com> on 2000.04.26 at 21:50:35(4424)
Dear Jay,

'Captan' works like a charm, I have NEVER had any problems with it by using
'too much', and it inhibits/prevents fungus!

Good luck,


From: Denis denis at skg.com> on 2000.04.26 at 21:53:33(4427)

I have had good success using a disinfectant called Zerotol on my
seedling area. Basically just a Hydrogen peroxide type material. There
are also packaged mixes of benefical soil microbes to spray on to or mix
into soil mixes which compete with the harmful fungi in the soil. But
since you are not using a potting mix, just shredded treefern I am not
sure how effective those would be. There are now a whole new host of
fungicides out in the prodfessional market place available to be used
some very broad spectrum which could be used. I'm not sure if you have
access to Agricultural chemical suppliers. Let me know.

Denis at Silver Krome Gardens

From: Aroideae at aol.com on 2000.04.26 at 21:54:02(4428)
hello jay,

i spray my anthurium seedlings weekly/weakly. i use 2 tsp. per gallon of
Physan (or RD 20). it's also important that you feed them once they've
germinated. this seems to keep them healthy. i use 1/2 strength water
soluble fertilizer, Watch-us-Grow (8-8-8) making sure to water with plain
water in between feedings. hope this helps!


From: "Bonaventure W Magrys" magrysbo at shu.edu> on 2000.04.26 at 22:11:09(4432)
Try a light sprinkling of powdered cinnamon if you begin to see problems or try
it on one pot/edge. Non-toxic and smells good too.

From: "Bonaventure W Magrys" magrysbo at shu.edu> on 2000.04.29 at 00:39:33(4464)
Anyone try using Hydrogen peroxide @ 3% or a further diluted solution?

From: Denis denis at skg.com> on 2000.05.01 at 23:43:56(4495)
I've never stopped to consider what percent of Hydrogen peroxide I
actually end up with when I mix the zerotol material in water. I am
using the medium rate as recommended by the Manufacturer, Biosafe
Systems,[to be found at on the net], which is
approximately 1.25 ounces of a 27% solution of Hydrogen dioxide
(Zerotol) to 132 ounces(one gallon) of water. By my calculations it is
approximately a 0.26 % solution, less than one tenth of a 3% solution.
Maybe my calculations are not correct. I would think that it is possible
that 3% might be to strong and could posssibly kill the plants as well
as disinfecting the rooting media.

Denis at Silver Krome Gardens.

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