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  amorph hybrids.
From: mb.cfg at mindspring.com on 2000.04.27 at 22:27:03(4451)
To any and all,

I am "personally" not taking a position on the hybridization of
Amorphophallus (although we all know that hybridization, usually increases
the strength and vigor of a plant. **BUT**- I also understand the purist
thinking as well.) I ask the following question strictly out of curiousity,
not attempting to imply any particular direction of thought:

Isn't it possible that some of the existing "known" species, or so-called
"undetermined" species, are possibly natural hybrids??

(Many plants in the wild can, and do hybridize. Is there some reason
unknown to me, of why this cannot happen naturally?- As an "ex"-Nepenthes
grower (hundreds), many plants I grew were originally thought to be species
and then later were believed to be hybrids.)

Marc Burack

From: StellrJ at aol.com on 2000.04.30 at 04:19:44(4477)
In a message dated Thu, 27 Apr 2000 6:32:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
mb.cfg@mindspring.com writes:

<< To any and all,

From: Piabinha at aol.com on 2000.04.30 at 05:21:32(4478)
In a message dated 4/30/2000 12:20:12 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
StellrJ@aol.com writes:

> Now my own curiosity is piqued: I

From: SelbyHort at aol.com on 2000.05.02 at 21:57:47(4512)
Jason Hernadez asked about intergenerics in Araceae. To my knowledge there
have not yet been any made, although I recall seeing a poster at last
summer's aroid conference in St. Louis that detailed an ingerneric cross. It
is probably just a matter of time before people get around to messing about
between genera. Just imagine!

Donna Atwood

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