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  Anaphyllum wightii
From: "FTG Conservatory, Craig Allen" conserv at netrox.net> on 2000.04.29 at 00:43:51(4467)
If anyone is interested...

There will be about a dozen Anaphyllum wightii for sale at Fairchild's
Spring Sale Saturday morning 4/29/2000. They are a very interesting aroid.

Anaphyllum wightii Araceae from India
SOURCE: Dr. Jack Fisher collected India, Kerala State. Shaded forest floor.
The striking spiraled spathe brown to charcoal is held high above the deeply
lobed sparse foliage.
BLOOM PERIOD: almost everblooming
HORTICULTURE: Jack said they were "Dormant and leafless in dry season."
This isn't the case when they are irrigated. Our nursery was growing them in
regular potting soil. There is a tuber or rhizome at the base. They have
often set some seed, but have shown no inclination to germinate when not
properly planted. I have pressed the seed into the surface of the soil, much
like a palm seed. Germination is usually with in six weeks.

Craig M. Allen

From: Eric.Schmidt at ci.orlando.fl.us (Eric Schmidt) on 2000.07.15 at 16:24:13(5125)
Anyone know how hardy Anaphyllum wightii is? Does it go dormant during
winter? Will it survive in the ground in zone 9b, Orlando, FL.? Thanks,

Eric Schmidt

From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at email.msn.com> on 2000.07.15 at 20:44:58(5127)
Dear Eric,

It occurs in Nature in the S.W. of India, so I do NOT think it will survive
winters in Orlando! Bring it in if the temps fall to 60 deg F., and
protect it from ANY wind when it cools to this temp!!


From: <plantguy at zoominternet.net> on 2004.09.06 at 15:27:48(12171)
Hello, I hope this finds everyone in the U.S. enjoying a lovely Labor
day. I would also like to wish
everyone in Florida a speedy recovery from Frances.

A friend of mine in India has offered me a few blooming
size Anaphyllum wightii tubers and I have convinced him to send me a few extras
on consignment. I will be making
these available to my fellow aroid-a-holics here at the aroid-l on a first come
first served basis. After talking
with a few aroiders it is my understanding that these are somewhat uncommon and
I?ll admit I had never seen the influorescence on this plant before he sent me a
picture. I personally find the
bloom to be quite spectacular and decided I had to try my hand at this
aroid. As there are no decent
pictures of this influorescence on the internet I posted one from my friend on
the GardenWeb at the following address:

I will also be importing several species of Arisaema from the Himalayas
for resale. If anyone is interested
in the Anaphyllum or any Arisaema please send me an e-mail directly to plantguy@zoominternet.net

Thank you for allowing me this small advertisement on the

From: leu242 at yahoo.com (Eric Schmidt) on 2007.09.11 at 22:39:54(16262)
Here is Anaphyllum wightii flowering now;




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