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  A. sazensoo
From: jrenfroe at nvinet.com (Jan Renfroe) on 1997.01.02 at 21:27:06(32)

I need help understanding something. I have spent a lot of time looking
at the Arisaema Web Site and enjoying the beatiful pictures of Arisaema
included there. Two of my favorites are A. sazensoo and A. sikokianum
and I have spent a lot of time looking for sources of these two
arisaema. Now I get my new Herswood catalog and find that in the
description for A. sazensoo it says that their references list A.
sazensoo is synonomus with A sikokianum.

Now these two plants do not look anything alike to me from the pictures
at the Arisaema Web Site. So I am really confused! The description
given in the Heronswood catalog does seem to match the picture of A.
sazensoo. So why would it be considered synonomus with A. sikokianum?

Jan Renfroe

From: grsjr at juno.com (George R Stilwell, Jr.) on 1997.01.03 at 03:10:03(36)

Some mistakes die hard. A hundred years ago some taxonomist equated A.
sazensoo with A. sikokianum and his mistake gets quoted every so often.
If you look at your Arisaema species list that you received in the
Arisaema Enthusiasts information packet, you can answer your own
question. you will see:

A. sazensoo (Blume) Makino (in bold print signifying a valid species
name with 2 valid forms)
f. sazensoo

From: Tony Avent <tony at plantdel.com> on 1997.01.03 at 03:13:23(37)

Somewhere in the old literature, Arisaema sikokianum was confused
with A. sazensoo...perhaps some of our more literary collegues can expound
further on the source of the confusion. Since we grow and have flowered
both here, I can assure you that they are very different. The primary
difference appears that the spathe tip hangs far down over the pitcher in A.
sazensoo, while the spathe tip in A. sikokianum is held upright. There
should finally be enough A. sazensoo in the country for all the patiently
waiting collectors.

-tony avent

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