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  Variegated Amorphophallus??
From: Don Burns donburns at macconnect.com> on 2000.05.27 at 02:56:22(4642)
I have what I believe is an Amorphophallus muelleri that has put up a
variegated leaf. I don't believe I have heard anyone mention such an
animal. Do I have a sick plant/tuber? Or is this something that happens
once in a blue moon?


From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" hetter at worldonline.nl> on 2000.05.27 at 15:26:56(4644)
Hello Don,

This is the phalloid-doctor....... Variegation MAY suddenly appear as a
mutation but the other possibility, a sickness (nutrient deficiency or a
viral infection) may also lead to variegation. When the variegation is
irregular, fuzzy, irregular stripe-like, it may be that last option, a
virus............. There is a virus that has recently gotten the name
konjac-break-virus that has been found by the phytoguys here in Holland and
is also known to occur in Zantedeschia. Zantedeschia however may hold a
variety of 15 viruses, so this new one was named after A. konjac, where it
seems to be the only virus. If you can make a photo of the leaf and a send a
scan, I'll help you out.

There IS a third possibility.....but that wouldn't shine well on
you......and that is that you have mixed a plant or a label and you're
looking at a variegated Pseudodracontium (P. lacourii or P.

Can you already see the primordial foliar bulbil in the centre of the leaf?
If so, then it is muelleri.


From: "Alan Galloway" alan_galloway at bellsouth.net> on 2000.05.28 at 01:21:56(4646)
>This is the phalloid-doctor....... Variegation MAY suddenly appear as a
>mutation but the other possibility, a sickness (nutrient deficiency or a
>viral infection) may also lead to variegation.

I concur with Wilbert on the issue of variegation in Amorphophallus. I have

From: Michael Marcotrigiano marcotrigiano at pssci.umass.edu> on 2000.05.30 at 22:20:25(4653)
It is entirely possible. If the leaf is variegated only on one side and this
species makes baby tubers I'd suggest marking the pot so you know what
region is most likely to have a variegated offspring. I'm developing
something interesting along those lines in another species - so it is possible.

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