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  coconut fiber
From: "Dany Hervelle" bs246466 at skynet.be> on 2000.06.01 at 00:20:20(4660)
Hell to all Did someone have experiance with aroid cultivation in a
medium composed in major part of coconut fiber?There are some nurserys
where we can get this here now and  will try this.Also,of course i
know that it is not aroid,did someone know some serious nurserys where i
can get unusuals species of calathea,or some colectors who may be
interesting with trade.I know that most of the aroiders are ofen also
gingers! Thanks Dany

From: GeoffAroid at aol.com on 2000.06.01 at 02:53:24(4663)

I grow most of my aroids (Anthuriums, Dracontium, Amorphs etc) in a compost
composed of about 4 parts coconut fibre, 1 part fine bark chunks and one half
part perlite and have had great success with it. As long as you feed
regularly it makes a good, free draining but moisture retaining compost and
doesnt deplete the already damaged peat supplies of the world.

Geoffrey Kibby

From: Durightmm at aol.com on 2000.06.01 at 02:55:05(4666)
Hi Dany, I use coconut fiber in my mix for aroids. It is of greater use in a
sand mix for Calatheas. Durning the rainy months several inches per week
requires the kind of drainage it provides. Try it, you'll like it. regards,

From: plantnut at macconnect.com (plantnut) on 2000.06.01 at 02:56:01(4668)
Be very careful of Coconut fiber!!!!!! After about six or eight months the
top can look great.... but just below the surface.... the media has turned
to mush.... it disintergrates like you would not believe! Now, this might
just be in the climate here in South Florida.... But, I had a lot of
rotted roots because of it.....Years ago, I tried it.... Now, would not
touch it with a ten foot pole..... even one that was twelve foot!!!

From: Aroideae at aol.com on 2000.06.01 at 02:56:14(4669)
Dear Dany,

I germinate all my Anthurium and Philodendron seeds in straight coconut
fiber, the ground up sort that resembles peat. my guess is that it would be
far too wet for many aroid genera unless it was amended considerably to
enhance aeration, but i grow primarily tropical epiphytes.


From: mb.cfg at mindspring.com on 2000.06.01 at 23:58:21(4672)
I must throw in my two cents and agree VERY STRONGLY with Dewey. I once
made the mistake of potting up dozens of plants with coconut fiber as a
major component of the soil mix. There is no doubt in my mind that this
stuff breaks down into wretched sludge faster than anything else I have
ever seen.

From: DBurch2345 at aol.com on 2000.06.03 at 01:54:32(4678)
Another experience with coir-based media -UGH!!! I used some last year when
I couldn't get my usual mix ("Citrus mix") and lost more gingers during the
season than I ever have before. Granted I did not modify my watering system,
so must take part of the blame (but there are only 30 or so hours in most
days), but it did all of the sludge forming that Dewey mentioned, losing all
aeration. Anyway all my globbas, curcumas and various smaller genera hated
the stuff, and those that survived were essentailly frozen in time as far as
growth went - same size rhizomes in November that went in in April. If you
use it be prepared to check your watering very very carefully.
Derek Burch

From: hermine hermine at endangeredspecies.com> on 2000.06.03 at 05:02:49(4679)
At 06:54 PM 06/02/2000, DBurch2345@aol.com wrote:
>Another experience with coir-based media -UGH!!! I used some last year when
>I couldn't get my usual mix ("Citrus mix") and lost more gingers during the
>season than I ever have before.

Some folks on the CYCAD list found that this material caused a serious
health problem in their plants, and as far as i can remember, it nurtures
some organism which attacks the CYCAD. The Cycadians just finished
SHRIEKING over this.


From: "Dany Hervelle" bs246466 at skynet.be> on 2000.06.04 at 22:08:02(4688)
Hello to all(and excuse me for taping hell!)

Thanks for all the reaction about the utilisation of coconut fiber.Like i
see, some are positive, some very negative and some soft positive;So i think
that all i had to do is try,with a lot of precaution.I will mix it with
stone lave and charcoal wood.
I will let you know what is my experiance.
Thanks again


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