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  My new vine book (celatocaulis & dubia)
From: Jack Honeycutt jhoneycutt at uswest.net> on 2000.06.13 at 02:49:59(4751)
I just picked up "The New Royal Horticulture Society Directory, Manual of
Climbers and Wall Plants" by Burras (Timber Press, 1994, about $44 with
shipping from Amazon).

Lovely B&W line drawings, a list of 'Names no longer in Use', 'Index of
popular names', and a nice bibliography. About 265 pages. Much of the
information is taken from the 1992 massive work "The New RHS Directory of
Gardening" (who can afford that??!!)

Burras's book has a listing for Monstera (10 species described, plus about
another 10 older names or, 'also know as' references), and Rhaphidophora (2
species described). No drawings of either.

The keys pale in compression to Peter Boyce's 'juvenile monsteroids' post
earlier today (thank you Peter for that fine post; it is going in my
permanent file).

From: Neil Carroll zzamia at hargray.com> on 2000.06.14 at 02:08:05(4753)
>(I don't know what a 'spadix ' is. Could someone tell me?)
Jack, 1st.. Take your index finger and point it up in the air.....2nd take
your other open hand with fingers closed to each other and hold it up behind
you index finger. This is the basic inflorescence of aroids. The spadix
being your index finger and containing the flowers and the spathe
basically a modified leaf) being your hand being held up behind it.

Amorphophallus gets its name from the shape of the spadix.

which reminds me of something my 4 year old daughter said to me
yesterday.....I have two Amorphophallus bulbifer in bloom right now and when
I showed them to her she said " Daddy, it looks like a penis"

I have a very observent daughter!


From: "Peter Boyce" Boyce at pothos.demon.co.uk> on 2000.06.14 at 02:22:55(4764)

A spadix is the central cylinder of the aroid flowering structure
(inflorescence) on which the flowers are carried (e.g., the rod-like
structure in the middle of a Spathiphyllum, etc.) backed by the leaf-
like spathe. The combination of the spadix and spathe plus the
flowers lacking individual bracts are the defining characteristics of
almost all aroids.


From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" hetter at worldonline.nl> on 2000.06.14 at 21:40:01(4774)
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