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  Unusual aroid found in greenhouse
From: Pugturd at aol.com on 2000.06.20 at 22:14:11(4861)
Hello this is Brian Williams. This morning before work I was out in the
greenhouse picking weeds and looking at the plants. When I found a most
unusual aroid growing. This looks very unusual It looks like an
Amorphophallus with a white and brown stalk and green leafs. But on the edge
of the leafs is a neon pink color that just looks amazing. Does anyone know
what this maybe? I plan to post a few pictures of it as soon as possible. Of
course the pot looked like it had another plant that died in it and were this
thing came from I have no idea. Is their any forms of amorpho with this
unusual neon pink color on the edges of the leafs?? THANKS

From: "Eduardo Goncalves" edggon at hotmail.com> on 2000.06.21 at 01:51:20(4865)
Hi Brian,

I am not the most knowledgeable person when the subject is
Amorphophallus, but A. bulbifer is very common in cultivation and has very
neat pink edges on leaves. Let's wait Wilbert's opinion, but you can try
this by now!



From: "Plantsman" plantsman at prodigy.net> on 2000.06.21 at 03:05:02(4869)
Hi Brian,

I had an A. konjac that did this a couple of years ago when is
was a quarter-size corm. The next year it appeared normal
(wah!). I have no idea why this one did this and only for one

From: Jody Haynes webmaster at plantapalm.com> on 2000.06.21 at 03:08:27(4870)
I have a large A. bulbifer and many that I have grown from the "bulbs"...and
none of them have any pink in the leaves. This sounds very intriguing...as well
as very inviting! I look forward to additional posts on this thread.


From: mb.cfg at mindspring.com on 2000.06.21 at 03:55:02(4872)
Dear Brian/Eduardo,

I have to agree, A. bulbifer makes the pink leaf edges..

Does muelleri also? Cant remember


From: Tim & Mary McNinch Newton at coiinc.com> on 2000.06.21 at 03:58:38(4873)

Possibly Am. bulbifer. The almost iridescent pink is familiar. I have one about
to send up a leaf. I will watch it closely. The leaf is definitely tri-foliate
shape, should be deep green.


From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" hetter at worldonline.nl> on 2000.06.22 at 00:40:50(4879)

There are several species of phalloids with the pink margin, notably A.
atroviridis (which has a velvety haired leaf stalk), A. saururus (formerly
misidentified in aroid circles as A. parvulus), A, henryi (some clones), A.
kiusianus, A. hirtus, A. nov. sp. Thailand etc. So, bottom line: make the
pictures available and I'll have a shot at it.


From: Michael Marcotrigiano marcotrigiano at pssci.umass.edu> on 2000.06.22 at 00:42:22(4880)
bulbifer can have shocking pink edges, muelleri seedlings do. I'd guess
bulbifer - much more common and the leaf produces a tuber on the top which
can be ejected when it dies - (onto your greenhouse floor?)

From: Jody Haynes webmaster at plantapalm.com> on 2000.06.22 at 00:58:21(4883)
I must recall my last statement after closely examining my smaller A. bulbifer
plants. Each leaflet has a thin, faint, pink (ruffled) edge. I would not have
noticed it had I not been looking for it.

Jody Haynes wrote:

From: Tim & Mary McNinch Newton at coiinc.com> on 2000.06.28 at 03:35:18(4937)
Also note that A. atrouiridis has the same bright 'pink' leaf edges.


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