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From: Durightmm at aol.com on 2000.06.22 at 00:43:56(4881)
What is a lurker? Is that a friendly term? Sounds unfriendly to me. Tell
me I am wrong Joe

From: Jody Haynes webmaster at plantapalm.com> on 2000.06.22 at 01:34:10(4884)
You are wrong. A lurker is someone who reads the messages to learn more about
the topic of interest (in this case, aroids), but doesn't post any messages. I
was a lurker on this list for quite some time before a topic arose in which I
could contribute.

From: Joyce Miller onager at midtown.net> on 2000.06.22 at 03:51:14(4886)
Dear Joe,
There is nothing sinister about the term "lurker." It denotes a
list member who never writes to the list. As a "lurker" one learns
much. Best wishes, Joyce Miller, Sacramento, CAAt 07:43 PM 06/21/2000
From: Jack Honeycutt jhoneycutt at uswest.net> on 2000.06.26 at 00:12:37(4921)
At 07:43 PM 6/21/2000 -0500, you wrote:

>What is a lurker? Is that a friendly term? Sounds unfriendly to me. Tell
>me I am wrong Joe

It is a old term (in computer years). I heard it first in the late 1980's
when it was used to describe folks who would subscribe to news
groups. They would read, but post very little. Busy folks who wanted to
keep track of a few different subjects would subscribe, but have little
time to post messages.

Sometimes moderators of mailing lists ask that new folks "lerk" for a few
days to learn the tone and style of the list before posting.

It is not a derogatory term.


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