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  non-aroid search
From: Lester Kallus lkallus at earthlink.net> on 2000.09.06 at 00:17:31(5343)
I've had so much help on non-aroid requests in the past that I'm driven to try again.

There's a plant I've been trying to locate but have been unsuccessful.

I understand that there's a dwarf form of Strelitzia reginae which grows less than 3 feet high. Does anyone know of any sources? (I probably don't have enough room for yet one more plant, but why should I let that stop me...)

From: Jim Singer jsinger at igc.org> on 2000.09.06 at 02:07:40(5346)
this is no answer, les, but it may help in a rule-out. in the trade here in
south florida, 'dwarf bird' means reginae and [non-dwarf] 'bird' means
'nicholai.' betrocks 'plantfinder' [aka trade bible] lists no variation of
either. on the other hand, there is a faux bird, heliconia brasiliensis,
that meets the 3-foot requirement and, from a distance, resembles s.
reginae. my local home depot had these for sale weekend before last for
$2.49 per 6-in pot; nice full plants. if you think that's it, i'll try to
get one [may not be any left] and send it to you. but i'll need a post
address. jim

From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at email.msn.com> on 2000.09.07 at 14:28:58(5358)
Dear Les,

Another possibility is the use of a restrictive growth hormone spray which
is used here in Florida to produce 'Dwarfed Hibiscus', the spray looses its
potency in about a year, and the small plant then proceeds to 'grow up' to
normal size. Regular sized S. reginea will get to around 4-5 ft.

Good luck in your search.



From: Jmh98law at aol.com on 2000.09.07 at 14:29:27(5360)
Les, I've purchased 12 inch pots of Strelitzia reginae at Home Depot here in
Traverse City, Michigan. I believe I paid about $10/per. I cannot recall what
month I found these, but I'm inclined to think it was in the Fall 1999. I've
also seen them in the houseplant dept. of Meijer Thrifty Acres, which is
Michigan's answer to megastores like Walmart.

I've done a large Internet search, and all I can find there are wholesale
sources. I suggest just watching the plants that come in at Home Depot in the
next few months.

From: ron mchatton rmchatton at photocircuits.com> on 2000.09.07 at 15:25:03(5365)
Dear Les:
There is definitely a much smaller form that is not due to growth
hormones, unfortunately, I don't know of a source. I got mine many years
ago from a friend now deceased. It grows slowly for me and has never
developed into a large clump. The entire plant is less than 3 feet tall
with leaf blades about 8 inches long. It has flowered at least once in the
last couple of years so correct ID as to genus at least.

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