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  Arum conncinatum - experiences?
From: "James W. Waddick" jim-jim at swbell.net> on 2000.09.29 at 22:15:31(5484)
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From: Steve Marak samarak at arachne.uark.edu> on 2000.09.30 at 03:07:06(5489)

Here about 200 miles south of you, I have grown a plant for about 10 years
originally from NARGS seed labeled "Arum nickelii", which I'm told is
synonomous with A. concinnatum.

I have no reason to believe it isn't what it was labeled, but haven't
really verified it and thus am cautious - the one year I got an
inflorescence was before I had a good key. Looking at Peter's book a
moment ago, I should pop it out of the ground and take a look at that end.
(I planted it in a pot to facilitate moving it later, so I can't really
tell if it's running or offsetting from the surface.)

The leaves do have a few of the cloudy silver markings described, for
whatever that's worth. It is clearly less cold-tolerant than my A.
italicum. The foliage will take quite a bit of frost, but at about -11 C
(+12 F) it starts to suffer, and by -15 C (+5 F) all foliage dies. A.
italicum is barely fazed by this. A. italicum, once flowering size, blooms
pretty reliably here, while as I mentioned I've gotten only one
inflorescence from this in a decade. It has certainly not gotten as large
as described, nor even quite as large as my largest italicums. I'm sure
it's not really happy here, as it hardly ever gets a full growing season,
and I've been pleased that it even survives. It has been here long enough
to have had to tolerate overnight lows of -25 C (-15 F) or slightly worse.

I think I will pop it out of the ground, take a good look at the geophytic
portion, and then see if I can find a more suitable spot ... thanks for
reminding me of it.


From: magrysbo at shu.edu on 2000.12.27 at 03:43:04(5800)
Concinnatum, plain green leaf type, growing great here in 20F New Jersey,
wind chills <0. But then its against a south wall corner in a pile of heat
generating compost and is anxiously watched over.
Bonaventure W. Magrys
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