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  Philodendron spiritus-sancti
From: "Jay Vannini" interbnk at terra.com.gt> on 2000.10.03 at 20:06:42(5514)
Howdy, all!

Eduardo Goncalve's message on his visit to the Burle-Marx collection (the
lucky devil!) jogged my somewhat uncertain memory about Philodendron
spiritus-sancti a.k.a. P. "Santa Leopoldina" #1. I have a plant that is
supposed to be this species - it does show most of the characteristics
described in the paper published on it, EXCEPT the petiole shape, which in
mine is markedly flattened on the upper surface, or hemispheric in
cross-section. The stem and petioles of this plant also flush scarlet at
times (in response to who knows what), and the leaves keep changing size,
although not shape. Although grown from a very small stem cutting, leaves
are now reaching over 20" in length - the distance between internodes is
extremely short (<1"), making the plant look almost like a self-header.
Oddly, for a Philodendron, it seems happiest at cooler temperatures.

What I am curious about is whether the plants illustrated in Exotica and
Tropica and labelled P. Santa Leopoldina are, in fact, P. spiritus-sancti.
My plant is almost a dead ringer for both of these two, so if it's in fact
something else that's for sale at the neighborhood Home Depot for 4.99 -

From: "Scott Lucas" htbg at ilhawaii.net> on 2000.10.04 at 18:39:58(5516)
Aloha Jay,

I took a look at the photograph of Philodendron 'Santa Leopoldina' in
Exotica and can observe that this is not the same plant that I have, which I
think may be the "true" Philodenddron spiritus-sancti. The leaves on my
plant are much narrower, the upper lobes of the leaf much sharper and, now
that appears to finally be setting into a more or less mature growth
pattern, the leaves are measuring a consistent four feet in length. Mine
came from the IAS Auction in Miami in 1997 and, while it has grown
consistently, the stem is only about six inches long yet. There is really
no internode between petioles at all. It is a truly handsome plant with
deep green upper surfaces to the leaves and undersides red/purple. It
flowered for the first time this year, producing 5 inflorescences... but no
fruit. When it does (if it does) fruit, I will be anxious to pass seed out
to all takers!

Scott A. Lucas

From: "Jay Vannini" interbnk at terra.com.gt> on 2000.10.04 at 20:35:49(5518)
Hola, Scott!

Again, part of your description matches mine (almost no distance between
successive petioles, etc., stem still about 4" long), and leaf shape is
still kinda variable because this plant came from a microscopic cutting, so
it's still shape-shifting a bit. Last night when I went home, I checked it a
bit more carefully and noticed that the veins of the undersurface of the
four most recent four leave are a vivid scarlet like the petioles, that does
not "bleed" onto the lamina itself.

The posterior lobes of this plant do appear a bit "sharper" than the Exotica
photos (rather remiscent of some Alocasia spp.), and the drip tip
"corkscrews" about 90 degrees in all leaves. The upper leaf surface color is
a deep green with very few veins that are extremely pale in contrast. The
leaves possess and almost patent leather finish.

I understand that there are very few "lineages" established in the U.S. of
Santa Leopoldina I - although perhaps there is significant variation within
the population after all? Will try and post a photo of this beast on the IAS
ID site when the weather clears a bit.

Thanks for your input -


From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at email.msn.com> on 2000.10.06 at 18:57:23(5524)
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From: Neil Carroll zzamia at hargray.com> on 2000.10.06 at 18:57:39(5525)
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From: Denis denis at skg.com> on 2000.10.08 at 04:26:05(5528)
Dear Scott and Other Aroiders:

The piece you got at the auction came from the collection of Betty
Waterbury who left the IAS two pieces of this lovely Philodendron and
some other assorted rare Aroids in her will to support the Society which
she and several others founded in the 1970's. It was collected in Brazil
by the Guide who was showing her the various collecting areas in the
countryside. He did not share the exact location of the collection site
with her and made her wait in the car. (this is the story I was told,
correct me if I'm Wrong, please.) The plants were entrusted to me to
grow for the Society. It does not grow very fast in my nursery and has
never flowered...perhaps it's getting too much shade. What light level
are you growing in. We were set to sell another piece of the P.
spiritus sancti at the Auction this year. However, an off shore
customer($) came into my nursery and offered me $500 for the Scrawny
basal piece which I had topped in the Spring. Since the last Auction
price received was only $350 and after conferring with Tricia Frank, IAS
Treasurer we decided that the $500 was a fair price and more than we
were likely to get from the Auction. There should be another piece for
next year. Scott, if you could get your piece of the plant to set seed
that would be great. But if it were that easy there would already be
millions of them out there. Monroe Birdsey alway said that the
Philodendron that was growing in his trees was the same species as this
Spiritus Sancti thing but nobody was ever willing to pay $350 to $500
for his plant when he gave the cuttings away for free. I regret now
selling that piece for $500, for many people said to me at the show they
would have liked to have bid on it. But like I said there will be
another piece for next year. So far, to the best of my recollection this
Plant, (thanks to the generosity of our Auction bidders) has raised
about $1500 for the IAS publication fund.(Tricia correct me if this is
not a high enough number.) Sorry to be so wordy.

Denis Rotolante

From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at email.msn.com> on 2000.10.08 at 20:11:11(5534)
Dear Aroid Friends (and thanks, Denis!),

The explaniation that Denis gives below about the source of the 'true' form
of this plant being obtained in Brazil by the guide who made them wait in
the car is the one I have heard. I wish that others would add to the
story of this remarkable and now legendery plant, as there seems to be more
than one 'clone' out there of this WONDERFUL plant, I have heard of another
clone in I believe California that came from a different trip/source in
Brazil, so there is more to this story!

The plant that the late Dr. Monroe Birdsey grew MAY be the source of and the
reason for all the other faster-growing plants of ANOTHER var. or species of
Philodendron which superfically resembles the REAL one in several features,
but literally grows like a weed, and has LONG internodes. A friend of mine
here in WPB can not GIVE this one away fast enough, and has to use it in his
mulch pile!

Save your pennies for next years auction, friends!



From: Betsytrips at aol.com on 2000.10.11 at 05:21:19(5539)
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From: "Steve Lucas Exotic Rainforest" steve at exoticrainforest.com> on 2006.10.01 at 03:27:25(14720)
Does anyone have good digital photos of the prized form of
Philodendron spiritus-sancti? I'm looking for the form that
recently sold at the IAS auction. I would like to use the photo
to illustrate the plant on my website you you will be credited. I've found
quite a bit of info on this plant in Portuguese and had it translated but haven't
been able to learn the max size of the leaf blade. If anyone can provide
this information and/or a photo I'd appreciate the assist.


Steve Lucas

From: ExoticRainforest <Steve at exoticrainforest.com> on 2009.10.03 at 15:13:12(20144)

I found a photo in my files of theinflorescence of Philodendron spiritus-sancti. I normally filethese with the name of the person that sent the photo but this one onlyhas the name of the plant. I'm not even certain this is P.spiritus-sancti but would like to ask if any of you sent this? I'dlike to use the photo on my site with credit to the owner but need toknow who took it!





From: "Marek Argent" <abri1973 at wp.pl> on 2009.10.05 at 00:32:05(20154)

I have the same problem, I don't know who sent to me (who took) these photos of Ph. campii.




From: "Tom Croat" <Thomas.Croat at mobot.org> on 2009.10.05 at 18:16:57(20157)
Dear Marek: I don’t know who’spictures these are but the plant is Philodendron campii, not P. spiritus-sancti.




From: ExoticRainforest <Steve at ExoticRainforest.com> on 2009.10.06 at 11:46:17(20160)

Tom Croat wrote:



From: "Marek Argent" <abri1973 at wp.pl> on 2009.10.08 at 20:41:28(20167)

Dear Steve and Tom (and aroid photographers),

We misunderstood each other. Steve posted a photo of Ph. spiritus-sancti asking who took this photo.

I replied to this post sending photos of Ph. campii because I would like to publish them and I also don't know

who took these photos I got from someone. I attach again these photos of Ph. campii, maybe I'll get the answer

from the photographer.





From: ExoticRainforest <Steve at ExoticRainforest.com> on 2009.10.09 at 13:06:47(20171)
You're right Marek. Since then I'vereceived some photos of the inflorescence of P. spiritus-sanctiand they are somewhat similar so I think I've got that one solved eventhough I still don't know who took or sent the original photo in myfiles.




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